Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Backdated entry: When The Child is Unwell on Eid-Al Adha

As usual, the annual Eid Al-Adha is celebrated at my mom's place in Gombak. However, on the eve of this year's Eid my youngest child, Falisya Nayla was down with fever and urticaria (gelegata in Malay). The fever was mild, but the urticaria that made my heart cried  each time I looked at her...(her face was swollen for few hours that night). We gave her fever medication, as well as anti-histamine and put on some calamine lotion to prevent her from the itchiness. Pity her!

Faiqa lovingly kissed her sleeping twin sisters that night while saying, 
"Mommy, sya-ya pain!" 

The next morning, the fever went off but there was still urticaria seen on her body (I knew it wont get away that fast, usually it will stay on-off for 3-4 days).

All of us were already dressed up in Abayas and Jubahs, but seeing her with that condition, made our mood went off. We didn't snap any family photo like the rest that morning. After Al-Adha prayer, we had breakfast and off we went back to Gombak.

Even Faiqa Nayra has no mood to pose that morning. Constantly she looked at her twin sister. I think she was wondering what happened to Falisya that made her look different than her usual self...

Mak cooked Briyani Batu Pahat as our main menu that day and it is her grandchildren's favourite meal. The kids enjoyed it to bits. Nyums!

Although she wasn't that well, that evening Falisya was cheerful and active compared to that morning. Although most of us had bathe and changed to normal clothes, we took the chance to snap some family photos. Faiqa was missing in the photos tho, she was sleeping and so did my husband. So it left only four of us, all ladies plus Faaz...Jadilah, dari takde langsung, ye tak? hihi :)

Falisya was a bit reserved at first..

But became totally "alive" after few minutes. Hihi! :)

Our random poses.. :))

Well, that pretty much about our Eid Al-Adha this year. The planned to bring the children to witness the Qurban session this year was cancelled. InsyaAllah, ada rezeki next year. Alhamdulillah, the urticaria went completely off on the 3rd day and Falisya was back to her normal, cheeky and active self! :)


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ishamizu said...

Kesian falisya. Mujur tak lama kene gelegata (same ke dgn gegata?) suka tgk gmbr yg dia dh ceria tu :)