Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cousin Fouziah's Wedding - The Solemnization

As everyone knows, the actress Fouziah Gous has tied the knot recently with a businessman, Zhafran Yusuf. Since we are part of the family, we were invited to witness the beautiful ceremony, starting from the "Mehndi Ki Raat" (Mehndi Nite), solemnization and the reception.

It was such a beautiful wedding ceremony held at a very beautiful mosque, masya Allah... :) Everything was perfect, and this time it was more under control compared to the engagement ceremony previously.

And it was my first time attending a celebrity wedding, (thanks to my darling husband for this opportunity :D) something to be remembered for a long, long time.. :)

Let's the photos do most of the talking, shall we??

The Mehndi Nite that I missed...  
because I was on standby that night. Oh my work! :P
The ladies in the photos were all my pupu (pupu  = aunt in urdu language), my FIL's sisters.
*photo courtecy of CST production*

The beautiful stage for akad nikah.
The view from where I was seated.
Lucky us! ;)

Faaz was busy looking at the photographers setting up their huge cammies...


The arrival of the groom and bride...

Pooja look so stunning.
So cute the way she "curi-curi" look at me. Haha! :)

Can you see how nervous Zhaf was? Heheh!

Alhamdulillah, he made it with 1 lafaz!

It's makan time! Too many variety of food, I can't just eat 'em all.
By the way, food prepared by Kuzie Catering food was delicious!

Mama & Papa
Cute couple!

Husband and I

An attempt for a family photo...failed! :P

Attempt of Mommy-Son photo...also failed! :P

His only photo...phewww!

Us with the newlyweds.
Welcome to the family, Zhafran :)

With the cousins, outside the hall..

The guys in Dastagir's clan.
The uncles, the cousins, and the nephews

Last but not least..
Yours truly, on that day... :P



Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Did you custom make the dress? Cantik sangat Material! and of course it compliments the lady in it ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

nad nya ootd always gojes poja ni i rasa wedding of the year kot sbb poja cantik giler..

Nadine said...

Mama Haraz,

Yes dear, cantik kan material tu, I suka. Hihi.

Actually it is a salwar kameez's blouse. Instead pakai dgn sluar I padankan dgn kain pink fr my modern kurung. I tempah salwar kameez ni masa SIL punye wedding; the dress code was bollywood. Instead of using Resham/Saree material I opt for beaded chiffon. U can see how the original outfit look like here: