Monday, October 28, 2013

Dinner Date at Zen Japanese Restaurant

The last time I had my Japanese meal was a year ago...haha! :P Either it was hard to convince hubby to dine at a Japanese restaurant (he doesn't fancy Japanese food that much except for Teppanyaki or Takoyaki) or simply because we always went out with the kids (my children laaaagi la cannot tolerate Japanese food, at all!).

During the 4 days Eid Al-Adha off day, we had the chance to went out for a date, twice. A movie night, and a dine out session. Hubby was in a good mood (and I think he had enough eating meat for that weekend :P), so when I suggested for a Japanese dinner that night he quickly agreed...surprisingly! :D

Syukurrrr... hihi :)

At first, we thought of having sushi at Sushi Zanmai but as expected the queue was quite long. Since both of us were impatient to wait (read: super hungreh!), we detour to Zen Japanese Restaurant instead. It was our first dining experience there...

My date trying so hard to give a "Zen" posed that he ended up looking so serious :P

Hubby asked me to choose the menu that night so these were the dishes that I chose, randomly...

Edamame - green soybeans. 
We were introduced to it 4 years back and it has been our favorite snack since!

Salmon rolls with fish roe on top. Salmon is a must! ;)

Tempura soft shell crab rolls...crunchy and crispy. recommended!

Kaki Gratan (Oyster Gratin)...nyums!!

As for the desserts, as much as I love green tea ice-cream, I really wanted to try out Itachoco Monaca Ice-cream. Couldn't decide, I ended up ordered both and shared with my hubby...hehe! :)

Itachoco Monaca was really good! I give it a 5 star! nyums!

You can never go wrong with green tea ice-cream with red bean paste...nyums! ;)

Alhamdulillah, hubby really enjoyed the food that night. Because of that, I decided to treat him instead. Hihi. The total bill wasn't that bad as well (ranging from RM15 onwards per plate, depends on the type of food/serving). Jokingly I told him, no wonder he never likes Japanese food that much, salah selection. time I yang order for u, k sayang... :)

p.s: I just found out that Zen is actually under the same parent company as Rakuzen. No wonder some of the menu looks similar..hihi.



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sedap nmpk..tkpernh try..biasa mkn kt sushi king je