Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Fun Time at Marche'

Husband and I took a leave on the Monday before Eid Al-Adha despite we did not leave the town for Eid (so that we have straight 4 days holiday for that weekend :P).

Since the night before Monday (Sunday midnight) we went out for our bi-monthly date and left the children sleeping at home, we took all of them out that Monday to The Curve + Ikea. 


Our date that weekend;
We dined, we played at the arcade and 
we went for a movie - Escape Plan (Best!)
Budget teens sungguh parents FNs nie ye!! :P

FYI, it was twinnies first time to the area. Since they were born, we never brought them to Ikea or The Curve itself because of the space constraint. To us, these places are not double-stroller friendly, and we don't want to block or limited other people's way. Now that they are bigger and can walk/run on their own, we thought it's the best time to bring them! :)

Hubby decided to bring us to Marche'. If I remember correctly, the last time we went there was 3 years ago to celebrate my siblings' birthday. I don't know why we have forgotten this restaurant for so long, when in fact we loves Marche'! :D

Twinnies were amazed by the numbers of fresh real oranges displayed at the fruit juice stall :)

While waiting for our orders, we let the children played at the playground section first. Being kids...of course they enjoyed it! Hihi..

By the time the food arrived, they were tired of playing and became really hungry. The right timing for them to indulge the food! ;)

 Hubby had the mixed grilled, while I settled for the rosti with bacon + sausage. Pegi Swiss restaurant haruslah makan signature dish, gitu. haha! :P

My fav...nyums!

My picky-eaters also had their own preferences. Faaz chose to settle with grilled sausage + mashed potatoes while twinnies, refused to eat lunch and jumped into dessert straight away! They have a large piece of chocolate pretzel (which I had to request them to cut since it's really large...(utk dua orang makan satu pretzel ni).


Everyone especially the kids really enjoyed their food that day that we didn't mind to wait longer for them to finish their meals. In between the meals, we did what mommy loves to do; taking photos! hihihi :)

us :)

With full stomach, we then brought the children to walk around the curve before we decided to cross the road and visit Ikea...

We did not purchase anything, except some cute children's kitchen utensil for twinnies. The main reason we went there was to survey a bed for Faaz Naqi. Tried to convince him to sleep on his own but still, he preferred the sofa bed and sleeping with the sisters...phhhft! By the way, twinnies loves the personal bed instead (lagi2 penuh soft toys on the bed :P), they loved to lie on the beds that we had a tough time bringing them to other sections! Haha!

Before we went back home, we bought some snacks from the Ikea Cafe. Bought some salmon balls to tried and hey they were delicious! not bad! no photos cause within a minute all have resided in hubby and my stomach...ehehe. The kids had the ice-cream each and even before we reached the parking lot, twinnies have successfully made mess on their blouses and leggings.. :P *cries*

It was a simple outing but surprisingly Faaz and the twins loves it so much! Faaz especially telling us on the way back home that...

"When Faaz got married and have children, mommy...Faaz wants to bring them here. Can go and play, eat nice food then got ice-cream some more. What is the name of this place, again mommy???"

Thinking about marriage?! children?!


Faaz is soooo like daddy!! :D

Why? Because according to my MIL, my husband talked about getting married at such an early age - primary school (std 1 ok) and he even searched for "the date" on the calendar, when he's gonna get married although he had nobody in mind to married to! LOL!!!

and yeah, Faaz got this cheeky and naughty smile oso from him..




Mimy Hamid said...

faaz berangan funny dialog budak budak..btw i love marche too...nak pegi sini la nanti my anni

Nadine said...


Hehehe, memang berangan sesangat! :D
waaaa, anniversary dah dekat eh? :)