Monday, October 21, 2013

Kindy Survey For Faaz Naqi

Next January, our first born Faaz Naqi will turn 5 years old. Due to this reason, for the past one month my husband and I have been searching for a suitable kindergarten around the USJ-Subang Jaya area.

We've searched infos from the net, as well as feedbacks from our relatives and friends whom already sent their children to kindy. With these info, we then came up with a list, before filtering up with our own criteria such as location, budget and so on... From the list, we finally narrowed down to two options..

After making appointments with both kindergartens, we both then took a leave last two weeks to bring Faaz for a tour to both school, before letting him decide which school he wants to go. Since Faaz is a big boy now, and he don't have any experience on schooling like the kids at his age (nowadays most parents send their kids to pre-school as early as 4 years old), we felt that his opinion matters the most. We don't want him to feel as if he is forced to go to school and we don't want him to be uncomfortable either...

So on Wednesday, 9th October the three of us went for a kindy hunting around the USJ area. Our first stop was Q-dees in USJ18 (Tadika Alunan Gembira).

The boy who was anxiously waiting to see how a kindergarten looks like..hihi

Faaz smiled nervously before we enter Q-dees..
I guess he was clueless and didn't know what to expect 
Cute tho! :) 

Our appointment with the headmaster, Mr. Adrian was at 12.30pm after the school session over but Faaz managed to bump into the school children as they were leaving the gate. He was quiet and just observed them...

After being briefed by the headmaster for 10 minutes, we were given a tour around the school compound. We got to see the swimming pool, the assembly area, the classrooms for different ages and the children's toilet. There is a computer set in each of the classroom for the Fliptec subject; Fliptec is an interactive software that stimulates your child to learn, increase his concentration, recall and understanding. Suitable for our children these days yang tech-savvy! ;)

Views of Q-dees USJ18

Based on the briefing, roughly this is the cost for enrolling your child at Q-dees:
(This is for English medium class, not the Chinese (Mandarin) medium class)

Enrollment/registration fee = RM1169
Art kit + Art fee for Jan'14 = (RM50) + (RM66)
Total enrollment fee          = RM1616

Monthly Fees = RM331 + RM66 (art fee) = RM379

Per semi-annual fee = RM370

*Enrollment fee does not includes concert/sports fee, which will be advise by the management at a later stage*

Our next appointment was at 2:30pm so we went to One City Mall at USJ25 (near Putra Heights) for lunch. It was our first visit, and there are still a lot of empty lots inside the buildings. We had lunch at Tappers Cafe. As usual, we had our favorite meal; Chicken Schnitzel.


After lunch, we went to a building behind One City Mall. It is where Faaz's 2nd potential pre-school resides; the Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM).

Faaz chillin while waiting for the representatives from BBIM at the office.

We were greeted by the friendly "Aunty" Aini (BBIM uses "aunty/uncles" instead of "teacher" in their school). First, we were brought to the second floor where we had our tour around the school compound. We managed to visit the nursery where young kids; aged 2-3yr old were having their afternoon nap. So cute! Managed to spot MommyNadia's youngest son Ryan sleeping at one of the corner too! :) 

But the best experience was to witness the children from the full-day class having their Zuhr prayer in Jamaah. Melted ok! I guess Faaz also felt what I felt, he just stood there and witness them praying while smiling. He refused tho, when the aunty invited him to join as well. I guess he was still shy...

In another corner, I saw a child performed his solat alone, with an aunt supervising him. According to Aunty Aini, in every prayer session they will rotate to have a child to perform his/her solat alone so that they can teach/supervise the child to perform the solat individually.

After the tour, we headed back to BBIM office downstairs, this time for the briefing on the Islamic Montessori Co-curriculum, and the fees schedule.

Based on the briefing, the fees structure is as follows:

Annual Registration = RM1100

Little Scientist Fees = RM200

Event Fees (includes concert, field trip and sports day) = RM350

Annual parental conference = RM70

Student Attire = RM100 (including sports attire)

Total registration Fees= RM1820

Monthly fee = RM350 (For Regular class - 3.5hours )

As a comparison, both kindergarten having English language as the medium, both has strong and attractive co-curriculum and both are within my route to work (important since I'll be sending Faaz to school :D). Q-dees has the advantages of having multiracial students which is good for Faaz to mix around and improve his social skills; something which he is quite lack of. They also have swimming classes on every Fridays. But BBIM has the advantages of having Islamic approaches /studies...which I think is good to be seeded at an early stage of a child's life. And in terms of fees, although the annual registration of BBIM is more costly (RM1818), but if you add the per enrollment fee + semi-annual fee of Q-dees, the total amount is RM2356 which is more. Plus, the monthly commitment with BBIM is more cheaper than Q-dees.

 As I mentioned earlier, the final word has to come from Faaz. The first time we asked him after we walked out from Q-dees was, does he likes the school? His answer was simple, "I want to go to the other school and see first". Mature sungguhlah! Haha :)

and we asked him the same question again as were walked out of BBIM office. This time, he answered, "Yes. I want to go to this school".

When I asked again, and told him that he can't changed his mind after we registered him, he nodded and still saying that he wants to go to BBIM. Alhamdulillah! I was so happy :)

Yes mommy! I wanna go to BBIM!
Brapa kali nak tanya daaaa! :P

Since there were only few places left for registration, we headed back to the office and registered Faaz for 2014. While watching Daddy Faaz filling up the forms, we came across this question - "Does your child have any special fear?"
Good to know they care...

Oh yes, Faaz has a special fear. He's afraid of the clowns; and that includes Ronald McDonald ok. Once, we sat near to the Ronald McDonald statue and that night, he had a nightmare...kesian! :(

Ok, we have passed the first stage of sending Faaz to a (pre) school. Next, is to prepare him materially (his school stuff) and mentally (his sleeping pattern especially...gulp!) for the school. Bismillah...moga Allah permudahkan semuanya :)



Ninie Hanis said...

Faaz dah nak gi skool dah?Wah..aunty kagum ok Faaz pilih BBIM tu. :) I pun rasa BBIM macam bagus sgt,sangat impress ngan solat lesson tu.Swimming class boleh join tempat lain weekend2 kan.Good choice Faaz. Ramai la kawan dia nanti..

ishamizu said...

Waahh, good to know! Wish faaz best wishes from us..happy learning and enjoy! :)

Mama Haraz said...

MashaAllah such an exciting and anxious experience! So happy that Faaz knew which one he wanted hi hi so cute!

mommyNadia said...

Seronok tgk Faaz, such a happy boy!
Btw, I pernah survey BBIm yg ada swimming class, diorang ajak basic main2 dekat air macam tu jer u. I pun dulu worry jgak incase kalau ada swimming class, takut lah in term of safety. Nanti Adam dah 6 years, baru plan nak enrol dia swimming class with less kids. Anak I active sgt, susah karang nak control =)

Kamala Kusar said...

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