Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When They Get Creative in the Bathroom

 It all happened during one fine afternoon...


Nayra: "So twinny, what mischievous thing can we do here? After all, mommy is working from home today.."

Nayla: "Hmm...let me think of something, sissy!"

Nayla: "Why not we painted the wall behind us, since we both have a brush each. The wall is too plain, am sure mommy will be happy when we cheer it a bit!"

Nayra: "That's a great idea! Lets!"

Nayra: "I am thinking of painting some clouds, a bird flying and maybe some trees. Whattabout you, twinny?"

Nayla: "I want to paint this wall with flowers, and flowers and lot'sa flowers!"


Yes, that's what happened to me this afternoon. To make it worst, the big brother later joined the twinnies for the "art session"...gulp!


Naqi: "So what do you think, mommy? It's nicer, right?"
Me:"Nice? Oh, very nice, son" *cries* T_T

Once they finished unleashing the "art" expressions and creative side of themselves, I got them joining me for another "fun" activity...the cleaning part of course! heheh! :D

Got them to spray the water onto the bathroom wall while the other brushing it off with the bathroom brush. Since it was just watercolors, I thought it would brushed off easily...I was wrong! Uh oh! >.<

So I called my superhero trio to help me..

Superhero trio?

Yes, I have a superhero trio that will rescue me when it comes to dirt and's my Method Bathroom Kit Trio!


Method to the rescue!! 
Consist of: Method Bathroom Cleaner in Eucalyptus Mint, Method Daily Shower Cleaner in Ylang Ylang and Method Antibac Toilet Cleaner in Spearmint.


Firstly, I used the Method Bathroom Cleaner in Eucalyptus Mint. Unlike the conventional cleaning product that has this strong "clean" odor, the bathroom cleaner smells fresh and natural in the sense that the crisp blend of bergamot, citron + lime leaf with eucalyptus + wild mint brings to mind frolicking among the trees in the cool mountain air...and for a protective type of mom I am, I feel it's safe for my children to smell this fresh odor.

FYI, Method Bathroom Cleaner is developed as a tub + tile cleaner that does the heavy-lifting for you. It uses the plant-based formula with new powergreen™ technology which is cutting-edge green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch.

What it does is, it dissolves soap scum + pesky stains, so you do less scrubbing. To me, the math is simple; less scrubbing = more fun time! Memang seronoklah all three of them cleaning up the mess easily...yippie! Hihi :) 

Another plus point for this bathroom cleaner is that, it is powered by a combination of plant-based surface modifiers. What does it do? Those surface modifiers helps a lot in prevent grimy build-up, while solvents derived from timber mill by-products dissolve soap scum.


Since the "mural" that my children made took quite a big area, I decided to let Naqi clean the rightest wall with another bathroom cleaning product by Method; Daily Shower Cleaner in Ylang Ylang. Oh, I fell in love with the smell! It's very relaxing, sweet and refreshing. Even though I was surrounded by my 3 angels who scream and laughing by my side at the same time, I totally feel my surrounding was in serene...peaceful. Instantly I imagined myself having a shower in tranquility, cleaning myself and enjoying my bath in peace. It made me excited to have my evening shower right away! betul, tak tipu!! :)

The daily shower cleaner also using the powergreen® technology that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch. The best thing is, even after you’ve left the shower, the lactic acid and corn-starch derived decylglucoside (which part of the ingredients) are busy dissolving and preventing soap scum + lime deposits! I like!

After only a few spray and a few scrubs away, the overall shower wall is back to it's original look...clean n clear! Huurrrray!! 

You can see how happy my Nayra was when all the stains disappeared :)

While the three of them were busy cleaning the shower wall, in the same bathroom I took the chance to clean up the toilet bowl by using Method Antibac Toilet Cleaner in Spearmint.


Although it didn't looked that dirty initially, I can see the differences of using the antibac toilet cleaner instantly after flushing...


  Before; there were some rusty alike stain and after; it's a total clear!

That was what my naked eyes saw...but am very sure that beyond that the zoomed, micro particles named germs and bacterias which resided there were also been disinfecting by the toilet cleaner. The spearmint fresh scents from the crisp minty fragrance of peppermint + spearmint burst with cooling menthol also gives you a cleaner assurance, simiar as if you have just brushes your teeth, take a deep breath and said, "aaaaah"... if you know what I mean :)

Am glad that while letting my children having fun in the bathroom, I get to disinfect and detox my bathroom at the same time. Not that it feels cleaner and safer, it has a nice, natural smell too! 

Thanks, Method! Another room has been detoxified. Am happy! :)

So for those who would like to have a cleaner and fresh bathroom, the natural way...wait no more and heads on to either of these outlets:

Jaya Grocer stores, B.I.G. supermarket  and selected AEON Big, Cold Storage, Village Grocer, AEON, Tesco,  Isetan KLCC and ACE Hardware outlets.


*The bathroom cleaner and the daily shower spray are selling at RM14.80 per bottle of 828ml (each), and the antibacterial toilet bowl cleaner is selling at RM18.80 per bottle of 709ml.*


Small Kucing said...

I just bought last month one more set of the trio superhero. They were having offer in their website.

Now I kept a close eye on their fb. This month they are have promotion for living room products. Am tempted to get some more multi purpose cleaner . It work like magic

my.mastura said...

ishk..kalau bg anak aku sembur, abis satu botol..x leh..x leh..rugi!