Friday, November 15, 2013

Blanched Pak Choi with Osyter Sauce

Pak Choi is one of my favorite local vege, and I heart it the most in blanched style cooking. I just love the feel of chewing the crispy and juicy fresh Pak Choi. Nyums! :)

This recipe was shared from a Chinese aunty who stayed behind my mom's house. She and Mak used to buy fresh fishes and vege from a mobile seller called Ah Fat and while shopping they loved to exchange recipes. Mak will share with her the traditional Malay cuisine recipes and the aunty (whom I forgotten the name) will share her simple Chinese style of cooking. And later on, Mak will share with me the recipe...(p.s: dari situla I belajar how to make my famous Kung Po Chicken, u olls! ;))

This recipe is so simple that it only take less than 15 mins to prepare!


Fresh Pak Choi
Garlic - about 5-6 cloves, chopped
Dried shrimps - 2 tbspoon, chopped
Oyster sauce
Water (for drenching)
Oil for cooking


Boiled a pot of water. Drenched pak choi into the boiled water for about 30 sec. Drained and set aside.

In a pan, heated a bit of oil. Stir fry the garlic till fragrant but not overcooked. Add in the dried shrimps, stir again. Add in the oyster sauce about 2-3 tablespoon and stir till the sauce cooked. 

Pour the sauce onto the pak choi and served instantly.

Note: The sauce will be thick and the portion looks little compared to the amount of Pak Choi. Worried not, as the water inside the Pak Choi will eventually came out and when mixed with the sauce, the texture will be just nice ;)



Mama Haraz said...

Our favourite too! Cuma tak letak dung kering, so hard to find here hi hi

ishamizu said...

Hmm terliur plak. hihi. Izu pon suka mkn sayur sawi pendek ni..nway tq for sharing dear! ;)

zety said...

hi dear,nice knowing u too..pak choi is my favourite jugak!