Wednesday, November 6, 2013

E/// Dinner 2013: Wild Safari Party

Since the annual dinner was held at the office compound, we had no rush to the attend the party. I went down to the ground floor at 6pm for Asar prayer and then joined the rest of my ladies to changed. It was fun to get ready together, as we changed views and tips on make ups and hijab styling. Kinda havoc too! Haha :P

For the first time in my life, I did my own make up for an annual dinner and I totally satisfied with the result (you see, I am not that good in this department, especially when it comes to the eye make up, so yeah it kinda big deal for me :P). Thank you my limited make up kit for being extra nice to me that day! hihi :)

Since it was held in the office compound, I totally forgot to keep my lanyard :P

Just like the previous years, I did not spent much for my attire that night. I was lucky that I already had leopard printed scarf in my wardrobe, which I bought years ago from a nigh market. The only thing that I purchased was the leopard print vest, which I bought from Dressing Paula. The rest were mixed and matched from my little closet; the black Cotton On peplum, the Padini black cotton pants, the H&M gold pleated belt and the Aldo boots. 

Talking about boots, initially I wanted to wear my knee length boots in black. Unfortunately after resided in the box for 4 years plus, I was surprised to find the boots was totally ruined....It was sad, I only got to wear it twice! T_T

What to do, it's not even a genuine leather to begin with :P Lucky me, I had my ankle length boots and it matches my outfit that night...phewww! :)

First thing first, we had ourselves registered at the registration counter to get our door-gift and the lucky draw number. This year, we got ourselves a Thermos each with E/// initial.

the registration ladies, all dressed up in safari theme prints!
from left to right: Kak Ria, Laila, Anna & Pauline

After the registration, I head on to the face-painting area to see the artwork on people face. I did not joined this activity because the Maghrib prayer will soon took its place, it would be a total waste when I take the ablution later...

Some had a minimal face-painting like this. Cute kan?

 and some willing to bold like Kak Ria..Roar!!! Hehe :)

Before the dinner officially started at 7pm, we took some photos (ok I lied, a lot actually :D) at the lobby area..oh well, this is what ladies do best! hihi :P



 With my zumba ladies...all from different departments


With Sharon Lian, one of the best dressed candidate that night ;)


With my group from the E/// amazing challenged last few months, and also my table mates that night :) 

Me with Anna after my Maghrib prayer, isn't she's the cute wild cat that night...meowww! hihi :)

The official ceremony started at sharp 7pm with an opening dance by the dancers. It was then followed by the opening speech by our country manager Mr. Todd Ashton. He then light up the fire on the torch and fire the rope that went towards the bonfire outside and light it up.

The opening dance..

After that, we had a launching on our Time Out Room - E/// Malaysia first game room, also by our country manager. Will share with you what we have in this room in my next post k. For now, what can I say is, it is one cool room to hang out! ;)

After the launching, the performances begun with few performances before it's dinner time!

The group of men playing drums and!

The African dance..I guess :P

The band that entertained us with lots of nice songs.

My first serving. First of three servings.
Yup, I ate a lot like that. Especially on buffet. Heeee :D

Next, there were few games organized. Based on my personal experienced and humble opinion, it's best not to volunteer yourselves for these games. As much as attractive the prizes can be, these games usually doesn't suits the ones wearing hijab like me...if you know what I mean :)


The first round of lucky draw was then announced before another round of dance was performed. Oh yes, there were lotsa of dancing performances that night. Hihi. Next up was a performance I looked forward to, since I am a big fan of stand up comedy. E/// invited Douglas Lim to make us laughed really hard for half an hour :D

The dancers in action

Douglas Lim in da house!
He was good!

Next, the second round of lucky draws were announced. Although I prayed hard (ok tipu :P berserah je actually), I knew already that I am not that lucky when it comes to annual dinner's lucky draw :(. An annual dinner won't be complete without the "Best Dressed" tittle being I right? ;) For this year, we had 6 nominations for the ladies and unfortunately only two for men. I guess the men weren't in the mood to dress up for an event in the office. hehe :P

The lined up for Best Dressed (Ladies).
Guess who won?
The lady besides the host (no. two from right)

We were entertained with the band, and another round of dance before the 10 grand lucky draws winner were announced. I did not won anything, as expected. Huwaaaa :'(

The dinner ended with performances from the bands, and at this point of time, some of the staffs already filling up the stage area and started to dance. And that means, it's time for me to bid goodbye. Time to go home to loved ones!

Being our routine after annual dinner, as soon as I reached home, I went out with my hubby for a drink. Either at the Mamak's or McD, now it's time for the two of us to spend the rest of the night before off we went to lalaland! :)



Mimy Hamid said...

wow semua sporting kreatif la safari attire...

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nice theme!!