Friday, November 1, 2013

From Office to Jungle

This year, the E/// Sports and Society Club (ESSC) has decided to organize our annual dinner (or annual party, the way E/// said it) in the office. This year's theme was - "Wild Safari Party".

This was not the first time though, 5 years ago when I was pregnant of Faaz we had our E/// dinner in the office for the first time. It was a simple party, where everyone required to wear black printed E/// t-shirt provided by the committee. Of course I was more than happy to wear it, I was 8 months pregnant at that time and t-shirt was the most comfy attire to wear! :P

According to the ESSC, it's not because of budget restriction or anything related that made them decided to do it in the office, it was because the management feels that if it is organized in the office compound, the attendance rate will be high. In another words, they want to encourage more people to attend the event. Hmmm...

Perhaps, what they said was true. From the decorations, to the food and lucky draw prizes I saw that they really spent to make this dinner as grand as the ones held in the hotels. It was fun though, to be able to see how the office area slowly transformed bit by bit by the contractors and the committees itself ;)

Thursday, 24th October 2013

On Thursday noon, the plain stage was the first props built in the office..

Next, on Thursday evening the waterfall backdrop was put on the walls near the musolla :)

Friday, 25th October 2013

On that Friday morning, I passed by the area after tapau-ed some kuih for breakfast. 
There were speakers, spot lights and some plants gathered at the area...

On Friday noon, when I passed by the area to go to musolla for Zuhr prayer.
Speakers up, spotlight on, plants arranged. 
They were doing sound system check..

At the waterfall area, fresh flowers were arranged by the florist. They also did the light checking (apparently they used different tones of lights to give a realistic effect of the waterfall. Cool! ;)

And when I went up to my floor after praying (3rd floor view from the balcony), I can see the coffee tables from each floor were brought down, a big screen was setup under the stairs and there was a big rope hanging from the first floor stairs to the spotlight area on the left (spot a guy there tying the rope). Wonder what they up to...

and on the other side, the caterers were busy preparing the buffet tables..

And when I want to go down to the Musolla for Asar prayer, I got to see the last minute touch up such as...


The bonfire was setup at the end of the corner. Remember I mentioned above about the ropes hanging from the first floor to the ground floor? 
Well, apparently for the official opening a fire torch will be light up and the rope will bring the fire towards the bonfire outside...what a stunt! :P

The chefs were preparing the BBQ outside...bau semerbak!

Inside, the buffet area was almost ready..


At the lift lobby, the cocktail tables were lined up..

On the other side, screen was on and the dancers were practicing their moves on the stage.

For me, I love the outcome of this wall the most!
It look so pretty and cool :)
Apparently it has been used as the featured wall for the "red carpet" photo session. :)

That's pretty much of the office transformation into a fake jungle. Hihi. I must say, it was not bad at all! Sama cun macam kat hotel ;)



my.mastura said...

mak aaiii..grand nye kompeni ko nye party..jeles mak!

Mimy Hamid said...

kelas theme dia..safari tu..tak pernah terpikir