Thursday, November 7, 2013

Imran's 17th Birthday Party

We were invited to cousin Imran's surprise birthday party last two weeks. It was held at hubby's eldest cousin's house in USJ5. It was a simple surprise party, but it was a joyful celebration since they managed to gather most of the cousins from my husband's side that night.

After the balloons were ready, and the food and cake were served on the table, we called the birthday boy down and sung the birthday song to him..


Imran and his family

Half of us, with the birthday boy! :)

After the cake cutting session came the best part; the makan time! hehe... 

Imran's father; uncle Farooq made the best lamb shank. Nyums!
Oh, Tasya's red velvet cake pun sedap!

Of course when it comes to birthday party, kids are the ones enjoying it much. This time, Faaz, Faiqa and Falisya get to play with cousin Deniz and Rania, whom they seldomly met...

As usual, Faaz will only be friendly by the middle of the party..
(He took a long time to warm up, fyi)

My children were having a good time at the partay! :D


Faaz with the girls! Haha, good thing girls dominating the younger generations. FYI, this family has boys dominating during husband's time. Cousin dia ramai lelaki kot!

Me and the ladies..
From left: Clarissa (cousin Ridzwan's wifey), Reen (my SIL), Tasya (the niece), yours truly, Datin Abri (hubby's eldest cousin) and Camelia (the niece).

 Last but not least, the birthday boy himself. Posed with his birthday gifts; the MJ poster and an Adidas t-shirt. Hope you have a fun time, Imran. Happy Birthday and all the best for SPM!!


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