Friday, November 8, 2013

Pre-Loved Baby Toys For Sale!

Assalamualaikum/Hi everyone,

Happy Friday :)

We had a massive cleaning activity done in our house last week; particularly on the boxes we had inside the store room. Me and hubs were surprised of how much toys we actually had..."bertingkek-tingkek" bak kata orang sekarang.

It was hard to sort everything out, especially the ones that we plan to let go as most of the toys are still in good condition. But to keep on keeping is not a good plan since we keep on buying them new toys on and after some serious sorting (of course without Faaz especially :P), we decided to let go some of the baby toys we have...

So have a look, and email me via if anything catches your eyes, k ;)


  •  First come, first serve basis
  •  For serious buyer only
  •  COD in Subang Jaya/Cyberjaya is welcomed

  1. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stacking Action Blocks


 Retail Price: RM49.90
 Price: RM20 (exclude postage)
 Condition: 9/10
 Suits for age: 6mo to 24mo 

2. Combi Portable Steering Wheels for Stroller

Battery operated with music and honk

 Nadine's Price: RM30 (exclude postage)
 Condition: 9/10
 Suits for age: 6mo to 24mo 

3. Playskool Play Favourites Busy Tumble Top

 Nadine's Price: RM20 (exclude postage)
 Condition: 8/10
 Suits for age: 6mo to 18mo

4. Playskool Play Toy Truck

Pull the back string (in yellow) and the truck will vibrates. Kids love this!

 Nadine's Price: RM25 (exclude postage)
 Condition: 10/10
 Suits for age: 6mo to 18mo 

5. Hasbro Shifters Racing Toy Car

With racing car sound as you reverse/move forward it fast!

 Nadine's Price: RM20 (exclude postage)
 Condition: 10/10
 Suits for age: 6mo to 24mo 

6. Assorted baby rattles /teether

 Nadine's Price: RM10 for 3 items OR RM15 for ALL! (exclude postage)
 Condition: 8/10 -9/10
 Suits for age: NB to 6mo 
 -Booked for Mimy Hamid-

7. IKEA Animal Finger Puppets

 Nadine's Price: RM10 (exclude postage)
 Condition: 10/10 (never been used as we have two sets at home)
 Suits for age: 6mo to 24mo



Mimy Hamid said... no.6 ye..utk my sista...tq..anything email me at

Nadine said...


Ok dear,booked for u. adik u mengandung eh? nanti i wrap cantik2 k. :)

my.mastura said...

eh..race car tu, baper besar eh?

Nadine said...


Erm, tak measure plak. nnti balik rumah aku measure. tapi dh ada org beli..

Small Kucing said...

wah you kept them in pristine condition

P/S : The apron and chef hat was bought from bookxcess last year