Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Royal Bintang Resort & Spa, Seremban

We went to Seremban during the Deepavali weekend to attend my cousin's engagement. During that weekend, we stayed at the Royal Bintang Resort & Spa, Seremban.

*photo curtsey of google search*

It is situated opposite the State Mosque, at the Seremban Lake Garden. Such a beautiful greenish scenery, I was totally in love with it. The State Mosque of Negeri Sembilan reminded me much of my late Abah. During his bachelorhood, Abah painted a beautiful oil painting of the State Mosque which was framed by my late grandfather. It was hung at the main hall of his bungalow. Being a humble person he always was, Abah had never brag about it nor he ever spoken about the painting to us; his children. I really thought the painting was a photo instead because it look so real, subhanallah! I am a bit discontented tho, because the painting was lost when the  bungalow was sold after my grandfather passed away...I wanted to keep it. :( I guess it was not my Rezk..*sobs!*

Anyway, back to the story...

We were greeted by a nice Rangoli Kolam deco at the Main Lobby, indicating that Deepavali was just around the corner when we arrived for check-in. Lovely!


Nice color combination, don't you think so? :)

The kids with their Mak Ngah while waiting for the room keys.

We went up to the 9th floor as soon as we got our keys. Our room was spacious and nice and so was the bathroom. The kids loves it! Tak percaya, tengok ni...

Sampai-sampai je terjah katil.
Haip anak dara! Posing komain >.<

Dapat baring skejap..layan habis! Hahaha

Dah dapat energy pegi kacau Tok Mak.. :P

 Let me showed you the views inside our room through these sets of photos..

The bedroom

The bathroom

Ironing set and Sajadah for prayer are also included in each room. 
Tak perlu susah-susah nak mintak. I loike!

After freshen up and performed our prayers, we went to my aunt's house in Rasah Jaya to help her for the preparations. The tent was up, and the engagement dais was about to be built and the hantarans were all setup. We stayed there until dinner before we went back to the hotel.

Twinnies and Faaz posed in front of the dais as soon as it was completed and they all ate the lollies which was supposed to be part of the hantaran :P

As soon as we reached the hotel, the kids were bathed. The best thing about staying in a hotel with a tub is that you can bathe together all your children at one time, time saving! (provided that your children are ALL still small). Soon, I'll miss this session. Aaaaaa, kids. They grew up so fast!! :(

All three with different reactions.

As usual, Falisya was the last to sleep. 
This is her must activity in a hotel. 
Paper and the pencil dia je yang conquer :P

The very next morning, we woke up quite early because we promised the kids to go swimming at the pool before we check up and attended the engagement ceremony. Before that, as usual we filled our stomach first with the buffet breakfast.

The complimentary buffet breakfast was served by Asiatique restaurant and it's among the best buffet breakfast served by hotels we stayed before (in Malaysia). There were variety of food served from English breakfast to our local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Mee Sup. Nyums!

Some of the food we managed to snap. 
The rest? Selamat masuk pewut. Hehehe

The view outside the hotel is more beautiful. There are the adult swimming pool with slides and waterfalls and a decent kid's pool. Surprisingly there weren't any people swimming that morning so happily all of us conquering the pools. Hihi. We spent 2 hours at the pool. Biar anak-anak puas :D It was considered as a short vacay too, since hubby just got the news at that time that he need to go for his annual business trip (and this time it's gonna be a long assignment *sob*)

The sun was shining bright that morning. Such a good weather for swimming activity!

The view from the kids pool

The three of them swimming..

While the daddy swim and the mommy guarding.
Beginilah nasib orang tak reti swim wpun siap ber-swimsuit.
 Kih kih :P

Happy Falisya watching Faaz and Faiqa splashing water to each other :)

Later Faaz was brought to the adult's pool for the swimming lesson with my hubby. But before that, he took this "penakut" boy to enjoy the slide and the waterfall. Bab waterfall paling lawak. The minute the water were poured onto his head Faaz screamed like mad. LOL!

Ok mommy jealous! Too bad nobody can babysit twinnies for me :(

BELUM kena dah meraung...that's Faaz Naqi :))

After the swimming lesson. Happy! 

Hello love! Hiks! :)

All in, we were satisfied with the hotel. Definitely a recommended place to stay in Seremban ;) For more info about this hotel, click HERE ok :)

After the checking out process, we went straight to Taman Rasah Jaya for the engagement ceremony. Congrats dear Nina! One step ahead. May Allah ease everything till your wedding day. Can't wait!

 Us, the lady cousins. 
One taken, one booked, one not available and one is single. 
Go figure which is which :P

Pretty Nina in pink with twinnies


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ishamizu said...

Syoknya hotel tuu! Swimming pool dia attractive habis..nadia tak join (berendam ;d) ke? Klu izu sure tak tahannn hihihi

Nway Falisya kan mm Zahin. Tdo lmbt n suka main prn n paper :D

By the way Fadzil tade ke skrg ni? Kt Oslo?