Thursday, December 5, 2013

And The Secret to A Light, Crispy Waffle is...

to saperate the egg whites and beat it till it turned white (from crystal clear) and fluffy!  

(In my case, I beat the egg whites with the sugar in another bowl before transferring it into the batter)


Gebu! Hihi

Finally, after a year I've been making waffles for my family I learnt this "trick" to make a light and crispy waffles. Hihi, better late than never, right? :P It all started when I always failed to feed the waffles to my picky-eaters twins. FYI, twinnies only eat food that are crispy and not watery. Since my waffles used to be soft after a while being cooked and on top of that it became a bit soggy when being drizzled with some honey or maple syrup, twinnies refused to eat 'em.

With this method, the waffles I made will stay light and crispy even after sometime. And the best part is, twinnies now enjoy eating the waffles...yay!

My crispy waffles, fresh from the waffle maker!

Our recent breakfast, savoury waffles for a change :)

I thought I made everyone happy, I was wrong tho...My husband told me he prefers the usual waffles that I made instead. Guess I had no choice then, I have to make 2 sets of batter for our next waffle breakfast so that everyone can enjoy it! *cries*

p.s: For my waffle batter recipe, you can get it here :)


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Airin Diana Anuar said...

Thanks for the tips.
bley cuba ;) -klu rajin-hehe