Tuesday, December 24, 2013

E/// Kids At Work Event 2013

Following the successful first event last year, (view it HERE), the company I am working with decided to make the "Kids at Work" event a yearly activity in E///.This year, it was held on the first week of December.

Since everyone been asking a lot about the twins and they are now 2 years and 4 months old, I decided to bring them along with Faaz for this year's event. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. Never had I travel in the car alone with all my children for a long journey (for a short trip to the 7E near our house pernah la :P). I was nervous too, thinking if I can't take care all of them in the office. FYI, although we have the event from 3pm to 6pm, I was still working and have to send a performance report to the customer by 5pm. The night before the event, I prayed hard that all my children will behave well in the office and in the car.

Alhamdulillah, Allah answered my prayer. All three of them were in a good mood when I came home and pick them up during the Friday lunch break. They even sang together along the journey...happy mommy! Legaaaa hihi :)

As soon as we arrived at my office, I brought all of them up to the 3rd floor where I resides. Kept their travel bag first and introduced them to my floor. As expected the twins were the center of attraction but as usual, my angels are not that friendly to 1st time strangers so they were a bit quiet and shy :P The funny thing wass, some of the managers in my floor were surprised to see me with my kids. They  thought I don't have a child yet. Thinking of it, I just realized that during both of my pregnancies I was away and located at the customer's office rather than being based at the office. That explain why... :D

After registering my children and got them a goodie bag each (thank you, E///!), I brought them to the popcorn booth as the twins wanted them. Pity Faaz, a clown was seated near to the booth so he refused to come near but did not wanted to stand away from me (more to pity me actually :P). Friends did offer to babysit Faaz but being someone reserved, he refused. Jadilah adegan tarik menarik mommy between the twins and Faaz >.<

Falisya was queuing for the popcorn. This booth serves cotton candy too, fyi.

After that, we proceed to the play area situated at the lobby of my office. Here, they have a huge inflatable play area and the kids went crazy jumping, climbing and crawling inside it. The three FN's seems to enjoyed themselves there while making friends with other colleagues' children...

In between, came the clown to distribute the balloons to the kids. Twinnies, who loves balloons instantly came and claimed their balloons while their big brother was hiding inside the play area, scared of the clown. Poor boy mommy cannot be by your side at that time because I was too worried to just let the girls went of themselves. They are just two years old, kot kena tolak orang ke kan...

After letting them played for half an hour, I decided to bring them to the other side of the lobby to have some refreshments, provided by the company. Big Apple Donuts, pastries and drinks were served for the children and the parents.

cute! :)

The main thing Faaz loves about my office is the coffee machine. To him, it serves the best warm MILO ever. Haha! So when we request for it, I brought all of them up to my floor, headed to pantry to make some milo and we have our snacks at the coffee area in my floor..

Faaz and his Milo drink. :)

Falisya, tired but happy.. :) 
 While Faiqa can't sit still. A little explorer in my office. Nak ambil gambar dia punya la susah! :P

Soon it was half an hour before 5pm and I have to be back at my place so that I can start preparing the performance report. Since the kids are quite reserved to strangers, they were behaving quite well at my place. Falisya loves drawing so to make her sit still, all I need to do is just to give her a piece of paper and a pen and she'll be sitting nicely doing her own thing. The same goes for Faaz. My only challenge was Faiqa who kept on asking for my phone. Can't let her browsing using my phone, habis data plan I so what I did was to split my laptop screen with the extra monitor, one for her to watch nursery rhyme via youtube (and I plugged in my earphone) and one for me to do my work! Settle! :P

The only drawback was...although we can't hear the songs played on youtube, we have to hear Faiqa's voice singing to the songs! Hahahaha!

 My table "neighbors" a.k.a my colleagues can't help to laugh and smile when they heard she sang B.I.N.G.O or Old McDonald songs with all her heart. Siap actions ok! LOL!

And before we call it a day, I asked Faaz to pose for me like a boss, since I dressed him up with white shirt and tie (for fun). He asked me for the specs frame that we found in our room earlier, wore it posed like this...

Kembang, kempis hidung....

So this was Faaz's interpretation of a "BOSS"


Pak Lawak mcm Daddy! :P


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