Friday, December 27, 2013

Farewell Dinner at Twenty.One Tables + Terrace, BSC

After the "Kids at Work" event in my office, I have attended my department's farewell dinner that evening held at Twenty.One Tables+Terrace, Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC).

My first appetizer, duck roll. :D
Twenty.One Tables + Terrace is a sophisticated restaurant consist of  bar + lounge on the inside and Terrace dining area on the outside, overlooking the suburban Bangsar. Of course we dine in at the Terrace :P

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The thing I love about attending my department's lunch or dinner is the fact that we are free to order food that we want, as much as we want! No budget restriction. So, time ni orderlah sesuka-suki..hehehe :D

Since it's not easy to group up everyone in the team unless there's an event (since everyone is working on different projects, everywhere), we took this time to mingle around and share stories....hence, I forgot to snap all the foods that we ordered.

Here are some of the menu we had that night...

The virgin mojito..
 a non-alcoholic drink for those who did not consume alcohol. It tasted like sprite with fresh mint essence...

Fried chicken dumpling 


Steak and Chips

Chocolate Lava for dessert. Nyums!

 See...told ya, we were busy chatting rather than eating. Heheh! :P

1/3rd of the NTO team that present that night.
 Yang ala-ala Pit Bull tu my big boss Ari. Hihi


Me and our secretary, Nani were the only flowers among the thorns that night :)

There were 5 people from our team that left us to pursue their career path still in E/// but at different countries/ different departments and that includes my current boss for 1 month! Haha, 2013 is definitely a record as I have changed 3 bosses in a year! :D

Anyway, to Soon, Darren, Andri, Zul and Shek Hui, all the best in your future journey and keep in touch! :)


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