Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baking With The Kids: Nutella Cookies

Each year, when my husband fly away for his oversea assignment I will plan some activities with the kids to keep them (and myself :P) occupied. The usual activities include painting, doing some art crafts and of course baking (since mommy loves food so much! hihi). 

Me and Faaz had baked and decorated cakes before so I thought this time we should bake some cookies instead. Perfect timing as lately twinnies and Faaz are so into Playdough ;) So the first thing I did was to wash and sterilize the moulders and the rollers that I bought few weeks ago from ELC.


During the shopping spree, I did went to search kids apron. But the ones I saw in Toys R Us are only for girls (as all of them are in flowery design). Anyone knows where else I can find apron for kids??? Geometry design or plain would be nice :)

Since this was the first time we gonna bake cookies, I opt for a simple chocolate based recipe. I know my kids goes nuts for chocolate cookies! :D Finally I decided to try out the 4 Ingredients Nutella Biscuits. Recipe is taken from HERE.

As stated on its name, this recipe only need 4 ingredients which consist of:

1 cup of All purpose flour (I used self-rising flour instead), 
1/2 cup of Castor sugar
1 Egg a
1 cup of Nutella. 

(In my case, I added a packet of M&M for decoration and fun stuff for my kids :P).

The twins slept quite long that afternoon and it made Faaz restless as he already excited and look forward for the baking session. Pity him, so finally we decided to start the baking session first with the hope that the girls can join us later on...

So first thing first; cleanliness! 

So to the sinki we went to wash our hands :)

This time, I let Faaz did most of the baking from measuring the ingredients, mixing the dough, rolling, moulding and decorate the cookies :). Since it's just a simple recipe, measurements were done using the measuring cup which is child friendly. And the method is simple too, basically you just mixed all four ingredients until a dough is formed.


A kid is just a kid. After pouring the Nutella inside the mixing bowl, Faaz stopped and asked me, 

"Mommy, can I ask you something?" "Sure." I said.

"Can I lick the measuring cup first before we continue baking the cookies?"


so he ended up looking like this... :P

The best thing about making alphabetical cookies is that while moulding/decorating you can also teach them A,B,C and spelling in a fun way. While Faaz was busy decorating the first tray of cookies, the twins woke up. As soon as they came out of the playing room downstairs, they were thrilled to see colorful things on the kitchen's dining table. They thought Faaz was playing with Play dough! haha!

 Part of the mess :P

Before I had them to wash their faces, they already started to climb the chairs :P So I let them washed their hands and started with the molding part. They even willing to share and take turns to mold some cookies. It made me smile :)

With the alphabet moulders, we managed to get 48 pieces of cookies with the dough. Just perfect to fill in a normal sized jar. It was baked at 180 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Alhamdulillah, the cookies turned out quite well and it tasted good. I had quite a few myself. Hihi. But most importantly, I'm happy that all of us had so much fun baking and eating the cookies. It would be better if the daddy was with us and joined the fun though. Next time k daddy, we do it together-gether :)

Baked with love! 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BBIM Annual Parents' Conference 2014

Last two weeks, I drove all the way to PICC Putrajaya to attend the Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM) Annual Parents' Conference for the first time.

PICC early in the morning

My husband and I were supposed to attend this event together, and we looked forward for it since we registered Faaz with BBIM in last December. Unfortunately, he already flew to the Scandinavian land few days earlier..

I arrived 15 minutes late that Saturday because I was supposed to work on that weekend. So prior to this event, I had to prepare for my kids' lunch and sending out some emails so that I will not rushing for work later on. The funny thing was, I didn't know that we have to register ourselves first at the lobby area (I overlooked it as the PICC lobby area is huge :P). Thinking that I was late, quickly I made my way to the escalator where some of the BBIM aunties (teachers) stood and greeted us. None of them asked me about the registration either. It was when I reached the hall entranced that I came to know that I had to register turun la balik escalator tu. LOL! No wonder most of the parents were carrying green goodie bag from BBIM. Heeee...

The famous Ustazah Isfadiah was in the middle of her speech/sharing when I entered the hall so quickly I went to the left side of the hall (since there were a lot of empty seats there) and got myself seated.


She was explaining on child development stages in Islam, and how parents can understand their needs and expectations according to the age stages. For example, during the Pre Mumaiyiz stage (0 to 3 years old), a child is mostly hunger for love and tenderness. As parents, we should shower as much love to these little angels so that they grow up closer to us, and feel safe with us that eventually we becomes best person for reference.


Speaking of this topic, it used to be quite a challenge for us with Faaz as soon as he entered the Mumaiyiz stage (where the love and discipline needs to be in line) as he, himself tends to be bad tampered at times. Alhamdulillah, reasoning method works well with him that we are currently applying the same method with the twins. Of course we do raise our voice as "warning" before we come to our child (the best is to hug and sit together) and explain why the particular action can't be done. InsyaAllah, they will understand it well..

Since I can't see the slides comfortably (as I was sitting at the side of the hall), I quickly changed and be seated in the middle of the hall during the speech. Hihi. Barulah clear my view :D. After Ustazah Isfadiah, it was BBIM Executive Chairman, Datuk Seri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin B. Syed Mohamed Tahir gave his speech.


Among the things he shared, one that captured my attention was the 3rd important person in nurturing a child these days (besides the father and mother) is the maid/helper. Agree or not, that is the real fact; especially in our case since both of us are working and it's the helper who spent more hours a day with our children rather than ourselves. Indirectly, her behavior did give impact on my children (as kids tends to learn more through example!). 

Because of this, as much as we can, it's our responsibility to ensure that behavior is an important criteria as "knowing how to do work" or "know how to take care small children" in selecting a maid during the hiring process.  For example, hire  a Muslim helper that performs solat, covering her aurah properly, reading the quran although yeah, I know the fact that this is not something straightforward and we did not have much choices when it comes to selecting a maid these days (unless we have thick $$$$ in the pocket :P).

Next, it was Mr. Mohd. Fadzil Hashim's turn to give his presentation. FYI, he is the CEO and co-founder of BBIM. From his speech, I learn more about BBIM. I was happy to learn that the BBIM Elementary school will be built in Cyberjaya soon and it will be completed and ready for 2016 in-take, just in time for Faaz to start standard 1. Had to start saving more if we plan to enroll him to this private school instead of the government primary school *wiping the sweats on my forehead* :P

Last but not least, it was the BBIM CTO, Madam Ladyana Soraya's turn to give her speech. She shared with us about the concept of Montessori teaching is all about and how BBIM did this. She also shared what we as parents can do at home, as the extension of the learning process:

1. Give the education system time to work
2. Participate positively
3. Read to your children daily
4. Develop good routine/habits in children
5. Make your children independent
6. Be a good role model 
7. Respect the teachers
8. Solat with your children
9. Make your home Montessori and English friendly

Alhamdulillah, I am happy with the experience I gained from this conference. Hoping that I can implement what I learnt that day in my daily life as a parent. Mudah-mudahan, insyaAllah... Ilmu tanpa amal sia-sia kan? :)

And I am happy to meet my friends at the conference...sort of reunion. Too bad I can't stay longer for the Q&A session and mingling around that day as work awaited for me!

With Nadia (my blogger friend) and Wan Mardiana (my primary schoolmate).
Comel-comel blaka diaorg nie :)


Wordless Wednesday: Daddy's Little Girl


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Birthday Dinner

I didn't expect that this year, my birthday celebration ended so well despite no cake or present (initially) from anyone. I had this as a request since my 30th birthday three years ago but it is only this year my wish has been granted :) 

As soon as we came back from my birthday getaway on the evening of my birthday, husband told me to get ready after the Maghrib prayer as he wanted to bring me out for dinner. It was a sweet gesture from him, knowing the fact that he was tired because of the long journey drive. When I highlighted this, he said that even if it's not my day we still have to go out for food that night. Betul jugak..hihi. :D

Twinnies were too tired as they have slept early that evening so it was just me, and my two sweethearts;

My habibi aka my other half...


My little boyfie, my guardian angel :)

Initially, hubby plan to bring me out for Japanese food but since Faaz wanted to tag along, we had to cancel the plan. My son is a rice pot, and he dislike sushi so we went to Ole-Ole Bali (OOB) instead. Malas nak fikir panjang since we were pretty exhausted of the trip we had earlier. Anyhow, we do love food in OOB so we truly enjoyed the meals there.

The "Faaz loves mommy" pose for my birthday

and the lovebird pose before we left for home. hihi :)
(as Faaz refused to join us for a photo)

Alhamdulillah, am so,so thankful and blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday with my loved ones. To my darling husband, thank you so much for celebrating my birthday differently this year, I really love it! *hug and kiss!* :)

Oh, when I thought that my birthday was over as the midnight struck to 12, I received few gifts a few days after; perfume by my MIL and hand sketch arts by my niece in laws. 

Thank you so much, may Allah repay all your kindness everyone... :)



Monday, January 27, 2014


It all started since my husband left for an oversea assignment, two weeks ago. Since there's nobody to continue sleeping with the twins a bit longer when I woke up and get ready to send Faaz to school, twinnies will automatic awaken as well.

While Faiqa, being her usual self - cheerful to wake up (she never failed to say, "good morning, mommy!" and smile as she got up), Falisya on the other hand prefers quietness and being a "shadow" instead. She will follow me from behind, everywhere I go and stood still behind me when I performed my solat, or wearing my hijab. Obediently....and when it's time to go out to the car, she will cry out of her lung, wanted to follow me and Faaz :( Heartbreaking moment sungguh! We still can hear her voice until at the end of our house lane...*sobs*. Lucky Faiqa is way cooler. While drinking her milk on the couch, she will just stop and say, "bye mommy, bye abang! see u!" and continue with her milk. Sooo cute! :)

This morning, while tailing me from the bathroom to the bedroom, Falisya said something which was not that clear. At first I thought she said "Pocoyo". But when I asked her back if she wants to  see the cartoon, she denied. It took me quite sometime to think what was she saying; it turned out she said "Follow" rupanya! :P

So quickly I took my phone and begun recording as soon as she said it again...


Awwww, kesian...

And when we were at the main door, again she said to me, "Follow". I told her that it was not possible as I was going to the office and promised her that I will bring her out in the evening instead. This was how she reacted...

Bab "mencebik" tu memang tak tahan, pity her so much but what can mommy do, dear baby? :(

Ya, Rabb....please give me strength to go through this test. Ameen. I really hope this phase will be a short one, same just like Faaz last time. Tak boleh lembut hati sangat, nanti terbiasa plak dia lagiiiii susah nanti.  Yes? No? ^___^


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bharat Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands

After checking out of the hotel the very next day (and after the short shopping spree at Brinchang morning market ) we went down to Tanah Rata and headed to Bharat Tea Plantation.

It was my first time here and so were hubby and the kids. The last time I went to Cameron Highlands, I only visited Boh Tea Plantation. Since we want to get back to KL before Maghrib, we decided not to visit the Tea House (which popular for its various tea and scones as breakfast/tea-break place here). Instead we went to the tea plantation and the gift shop only. It was cloudy and very windy, indicating that it was about to rain soon. So quickly we went down to the tea plantation and snap a photo as memory before we went back up and headed to the gift shop. Daddy wanna borong tea! hihi :)

Abaikan my comotness :P

It was a steep and narrow journey down there before we reached a nice place to snap a photo. Since it was already started to rain, hubby only took a photo of me and the kids. No family photo as other people were also busy snapping photos of their own. Semua nak cepat takut hujan lebat :P

There were a variety of tea selling here with different flavours, and different qualities. We finally settled for strawberry tea, normal tea, masala tea, ginger tea and Japanese tea.

Faaz who was obviously bored. Haha!
"Faster daddy, let's go homeeeee"

Oh by the way, besides Cameron Highlands, Bharat Tea House has another branch in KL. It is situated in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Perhaps we will visit that outlet one fine day although I am not a tea kind of person :)


Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Big Red Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands

Although I have been to Cameron Highlands several times, the last trip was during my graduate internship with MDC (know known as MDEC) about 9 years ago. So it was nice to came here after sometime, with the family of my own for the first time :)

Big Red Strawberry Farm was the first place we visited in Cameron Highlands. Apart from looking forward for the strawberry farm, we also look forward to dine in at their cafe, and have a taste of their famous strawberry scone.

Big Red Strawberry Farm is located at Brinchang, and consists of a strawberry farm on your right a hydroponic vege farm on the left, a cafe and a gift shop. The first thing you see upon reaching the place is their koi pond. Faiqa especially was so into it. She screamed excitedly when she saw the big koi swimming in the pond, the same exact reaction she had when we brought her to Aquaria, KLCC the previous week. Hihi..

As we went inside, we saw a huge strawberry statue. Of course it was Falisya's turn to get excited. "Mommy, stawbeyyie", she said while pointing to the statue. Hihi. (she used to called strawberry as "stawbaby"). Took some snapshots of the kids with the strawberry before we proceed to check out the place.

We came to the cactus section first. Here, the smallest to the biggest cactus is displayed and some of them are for sale. Next we have to walk along the strawberry farm and the vege farm for about 2 minutes before we finally reached the cafe. Oh, in between the walk, we managed to snap some photos at another strawberries signage. 

Faaz and Faiqa with cactus as their background

 The view while we walk along the farm




It was so hard to make three of them sit still for a perfect photo. Sorang tengok, dua lagi tak and vice versa. Haha!

Finally we reached the cafe. There are about 50 menu displayed on the wall, with photos of the food, description and price. Rambang mata! After thinking for a wile, we settle for a few meals which were not that heavy (as we just had our lunch before we went there).

The displayed menu

The counters to collect our food

We ordered the Tea and Scone set (RM8.90), Strawberry Flavoured Fried Ice-Cream (RM4.00) and Strawberry Milkshake (RM5.00). All of them were prepared fresh and tasted equally good. Nyums!

Faiqa especially, enjoyed all the meals while Falisya chose to stick on eating the fresh strawberries which came as part of the food deco of each meal. Hihi. Faaz as usual, declined to taste something new to him that we had a hard time persuading him even to try out the fried ice-cream! Sabar je la :P

Miss Strawberry lover

Mr. Picky Eater :P

There are a lot of strawberry based food and souvenir selling at the gift shop in this farm. Another rambang mata. Haha! We settle down with chocolate coated strawberry, strawberry jam, some fridge magnets, strawberry candies, and a lot of fresh strawberries! (It's RM5 per packet which consist of a dozen strawberries each). Borong sebab in KL mahal! Hihi :)

(minus the tea; that one we bought from Bharat Tea Plantation)

They were having a 5 minutes rest. Penat jalan kot. Hihi...cute!

Before we went back to the car for the next journey, our Faaz Naqi was kind enough to snap an impromptu photo of me and my husband. Tak sempat I nak pose dia dah snap...LOL!  Nevertheless, it was a nice photo, so thanks Faaz! :)