Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baking With The Kids: Nutella Cookies

Each year, when my husband fly away for his oversea assignment I will plan some activities with the kids to keep them (and myself :P) occupied. The usual activities include painting, doing some art crafts and of course baking (since mommy loves food so much! hihi). 

Me and Faaz had baked and decorated cakes before so I thought this time we should bake some cookies instead. Perfect timing as lately twinnies and Faaz are so into Playdough ;) So the first thing I did was to wash and sterilize the moulders and the rollers that I bought few weeks ago from ELC.


During the shopping spree, I did went to search kids apron. But the ones I saw in Toys R Us are only for girls (as all of them are in flowery design). Anyone knows where else I can find apron for kids??? Geometry design or plain would be nice :)

Since this was the first time we gonna bake cookies, I opt for a simple chocolate based recipe. I know my kids goes nuts for chocolate cookies! :D Finally I decided to try out the 4 Ingredients Nutella Biscuits. Recipe is taken from HERE.

As stated on its name, this recipe only need 4 ingredients which consist of:

1 cup of All purpose flour (I used self-rising flour instead), 
1/2 cup of Castor sugar
1 Egg a
1 cup of Nutella. 

(In my case, I added a packet of M&M for decoration and fun stuff for my kids :P).

The twins slept quite long that afternoon and it made Faaz restless as he already excited and look forward for the baking session. Pity him, so finally we decided to start the baking session first with the hope that the girls can join us later on...

So first thing first; cleanliness! 

So to the sinki we went to wash our hands :)

This time, I let Faaz did most of the baking from measuring the ingredients, mixing the dough, rolling, moulding and decorate the cookies :). Since it's just a simple recipe, measurements were done using the measuring cup which is child friendly. And the method is simple too, basically you just mixed all four ingredients until a dough is formed.


A kid is just a kid. After pouring the Nutella inside the mixing bowl, Faaz stopped and asked me, 

"Mommy, can I ask you something?" "Sure." I said.

"Can I lick the measuring cup first before we continue baking the cookies?"


so he ended up looking like this... :P

The best thing about making alphabetical cookies is that while moulding/decorating you can also teach them A,B,C and spelling in a fun way. While Faaz was busy decorating the first tray of cookies, the twins woke up. As soon as they came out of the playing room downstairs, they were thrilled to see colorful things on the kitchen's dining table. They thought Faaz was playing with Play dough! haha!

 Part of the mess :P

Before I had them to wash their faces, they already started to climb the chairs :P So I let them washed their hands and started with the molding part. They even willing to share and take turns to mold some cookies. It made me smile :)

With the alphabet moulders, we managed to get 48 pieces of cookies with the dough. Just perfect to fill in a normal sized jar. It was baked at 180 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Alhamdulillah, the cookies turned out quite well and it tasted good. I had quite a few myself. Hihi. But most importantly, I'm happy that all of us had so much fun baking and eating the cookies. It would be better if the daddy was with us and joined the fun though. Next time k daddy, we do it together-gether :)

Baked with love! 



niaharaf said...

you hv a wonderful family. wish someday i can bake with my kid(s) too :)

my.mastura said...

aihh..simple nye recipe?

ketawa aku baca part Faaz nk lick the cup..hahahaha

babYpose said...

Looks like Faaz is into it, nice spending quality time with kiddos.

Nadine said...


alhamdulillah, thank you farah. I pray you'll do it soon. InsyaAllah... :)

Nadine said...


yup. recipe from the link yg aku highlight in my post tu. Recipe cookies basic je :)

hehehe, budak2 kan, nak2 suka chocolate. mana bleh tahan temptation nutella :D

Nadine said...


Yes he did. He's been asking for it like forever! hihi