Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BBIM Annual Parents' Conference 2014

Last two weeks, I drove all the way to PICC Putrajaya to attend the Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM) Annual Parents' Conference for the first time.

PICC early in the morning

My husband and I were supposed to attend this event together, and we looked forward for it since we registered Faaz with BBIM in last December. Unfortunately, he already flew to the Scandinavian land few days earlier..

I arrived 15 minutes late that Saturday because I was supposed to work on that weekend. So prior to this event, I had to prepare for my kids' lunch and sending out some emails so that I will not rushing for work later on. The funny thing was, I didn't know that we have to register ourselves first at the lobby area (I overlooked it as the PICC lobby area is huge :P). Thinking that I was late, quickly I made my way to the escalator where some of the BBIM aunties (teachers) stood and greeted us. None of them asked me about the registration either. It was when I reached the hall entranced that I came to know that I had to register turun la balik escalator tu. LOL! No wonder most of the parents were carrying green goodie bag from BBIM. Heeee...

The famous Ustazah Isfadiah was in the middle of her speech/sharing when I entered the hall so quickly I went to the left side of the hall (since there were a lot of empty seats there) and got myself seated.


She was explaining on child development stages in Islam, and how parents can understand their needs and expectations according to the age stages. For example, during the Pre Mumaiyiz stage (0 to 3 years old), a child is mostly hunger for love and tenderness. As parents, we should shower as much love to these little angels so that they grow up closer to us, and feel safe with us that eventually we becomes best person for reference.


Speaking of this topic, it used to be quite a challenge for us with Faaz as soon as he entered the Mumaiyiz stage (where the love and discipline needs to be in line) as he, himself tends to be bad tampered at times. Alhamdulillah, reasoning method works well with him that we are currently applying the same method with the twins. Of course we do raise our voice as "warning" before we come to our child (the best is to hug and sit together) and explain why the particular action can't be done. InsyaAllah, they will understand it well..

Since I can't see the slides comfortably (as I was sitting at the side of the hall), I quickly changed and be seated in the middle of the hall during the speech. Hihi. Barulah clear my view :D. After Ustazah Isfadiah, it was BBIM Executive Chairman, Datuk Seri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin B. Syed Mohamed Tahir gave his speech.


Among the things he shared, one that captured my attention was the 3rd important person in nurturing a child these days (besides the father and mother) is the maid/helper. Agree or not, that is the real fact; especially in our case since both of us are working and it's the helper who spent more hours a day with our children rather than ourselves. Indirectly, her behavior did give impact on my children (as kids tends to learn more through example!). 

Because of this, as much as we can, it's our responsibility to ensure that behavior is an important criteria as "knowing how to do work" or "know how to take care small children" in selecting a maid during the hiring process.  For example, hire  a Muslim helper that performs solat, covering her aurah properly, reading the quran although yeah, I know the fact that this is not something straightforward and we did not have much choices when it comes to selecting a maid these days (unless we have thick $$$$ in the pocket :P).

Next, it was Mr. Mohd. Fadzil Hashim's turn to give his presentation. FYI, he is the CEO and co-founder of BBIM. From his speech, I learn more about BBIM. I was happy to learn that the BBIM Elementary school will be built in Cyberjaya soon and it will be completed and ready for 2016 in-take, just in time for Faaz to start standard 1. Had to start saving more if we plan to enroll him to this private school instead of the government primary school *wiping the sweats on my forehead* :P

Last but not least, it was the BBIM CTO, Madam Ladyana Soraya's turn to give her speech. She shared with us about the concept of Montessori teaching is all about and how BBIM did this. She also shared what we as parents can do at home, as the extension of the learning process:

1. Give the education system time to work
2. Participate positively
3. Read to your children daily
4. Develop good routine/habits in children
5. Make your children independent
6. Be a good role model 
7. Respect the teachers
8. Solat with your children
9. Make your home Montessori and English friendly

Alhamdulillah, I am happy with the experience I gained from this conference. Hoping that I can implement what I learnt that day in my daily life as a parent. Mudah-mudahan, insyaAllah... Ilmu tanpa amal sia-sia kan? :)

And I am happy to meet my friends at the conference...sort of reunion. Too bad I can't stay longer for the Q&A session and mingling around that day as work awaited for me!

With Nadia (my blogger friend) and Wan Mardiana (my primary schoolmate).
Comel-comel blaka diaorg nie :)



ishamizu said...

Best la dear! Rasa klu ada rezeki nk enroll Iris n Zafri kt BBIM jgk bila balik Msia nti hihi tp tak survey lg sama ada BBiM ada ke tak kt you know? :)

Nadine said...


stakat today, diaorg ada few branches in other states as well. tapi Melaka blum ada rasanya. Nanti izu balik sini try la check balik website BBIM. Mana tau time tu dah bukak cawangan :)