Monday, January 13, 2014

Hi5 In House Party - The Concert

Following the Dumex Mamil's Give me 5 event last November, I received an email from them last month informing me that they decided to give away 4 Hi-5 concert tickets for free. Alhamdulillah :)

I conveyed the news to Faaz when I came back from work that day and he was happy that this time all 3 of them can go and watch Hi-5 together, unlike the last time. He said, "I don't really like Hi-5 but I wanna come and see them with adik, mommy"

Ok, sure son. :)

The concert started at 6pm so we got ready by 4.30pm. While waiting for me to pray and wear my hijab, we put the Hi-5 clips on the TV and there they were, singing and dancing to the show. Practice ye sayang? Hihi :D

Since we only have 4 tix in total, hubby dropped me and the kids at KLPAC and went to KLCC while waiting for us. I was quite nervous actually as I never handle all three of them in crowded places alone..
After registering ourselves and redeemed our tickets, we hang around the lobby area where there were few activities organized by Dumex Mamil such as Hi-5 kids auditions and free Hi-5 CD giveaway by the emcee. Got my children another Hi-5 CD when I answered a simple question on Hi-5

Falisya checking out the CD we won :)

There was also a booth for Dumex Mamil milk where they distributed free flow of yummylicious fresh milk. The twins had more than 1 serving each! hihi.


The kids at the featured wall for photo session. Falisya tengah nyanyi tu, ok. Practice, practice. Haha!

Faaz was so simple that day. He refused when I want to dress him up and settled up with the clothes he chose himself. Kids when they grew bigger...*sigh* :P Lucky me, twinnies a.k.a my living dolls are still co-operating well when it comes to dressing up. Hihi :)

There were few booths that sells Hi-5 merchandise too! Before the kids went crazy for it quickly I brought them inside the concert hall, as soon as the door was opened for entrance... :D

Falisya and Faaz upon being seated. Faiqa refused to seat on her own, so she sat on my lap instead.

We got seats that were located higher than the stage and Falisya wasn't so happy with it. Few times with a sour face she pointed to me towards the front of the stage. I think she wants to be seated with the kids there, like she always seen in Hi-5 shows. Sorry baby but our seats were not there..

Since it was pretty dark when we first entered the hall, Faiqa was not comfortable at all. Instead of being seated on her own seat, she demanded to cuddle with me and mula merengek2, asking for milk. I guess the lighting made her sleepy and cranky. Lucky me, Faaz and Falisya were both behaving well, except that Falisya on and off asking me to bring her to the front stage...

Falisya n mommy :)

I guess I made the best decision last time when I brought Falisya to the Hi-5 meet and greet session. She behaved well and can really appreciate it, unlike Faiqa that day, who was very clingy and cranky all the time >.< She kept on crying until the lights were on when the show was about to start *wiping my sweat*

The show started at sharp 6pm. Twinnies were both on their feet as soon as they heard the announcement for Hi-5 group entrance. Excited I guess :)

Hi-5 group introducing themselves. 
(There are 3 new members of current Hi-5 group; Mary, Dayen and Ainsley)


The kids went crazy as soon as the show started.. 


In between the show, they had a 10 minutes break. Some parents took this time to bring their child for diaper change or giving them some refreshments outside the hall. Since Falisya been wanting to go closer to the stage, I brought all of them down short while. During the first half-an hour of the show, I noticed there were empty seats available halfway down towards the stage (I also seen some parents just brought their children down to the front stage even though their seating was way up!), so while we were climbing up to our seat back I told my children that maybe we can be seated halfway down there. They were excited! So we seated down halfway closer to the stage, and the kids got a better view of Hi-5. Alhamdulillah, rezeki :)

The kids while waiting for the show to resume...

Hi-5 ended their show that day with a performance of the Give me 5 campaign song - the 5 food group song. This time, each of the Hi-5 member were accompanied by young dancers which consist of the winner of Hi-5 dance contest. They were really good and cute!! :) BTW the song is catchy, and it teaches the children of 5 food groups for a balance diet. Even Faaz was excited when he heard part of the lyrics which mentioned one of his favourite meal, pasta :)


After the show, we went to the Hi-5 merchandise stall because the girls were asking for the Hi-5 balloon (they saw a lot of kids holding it on the way out from the hall).  There were a variety of merchandise available from a small Hi-5 hand-shapped buttons to the Hi-5 costumes.

The girls were happy when they got their balloon (RM10 each) while Faaz demanded for a spinning lights thingy ( I am not sure what it's called :P). It cost me RM30 for that thing! Huhu...

While waiting for daddy to pick us...

Since the show finished at 7pm and the place is near to Gombak, we made a stop at my mom's place for maghrib prayers before we went back home. Overall, the concert was entertaining, and the Hi-5 members were all energetic along the show...just like we watch them via the TV. Attending a concert show is something new for the children and I am glad they enjoyed it (except Faiqa...I think she is not ready for it yet :P)

Thank you Dumex Mamil for the opportunity, we truly appreciate it! :)



ishamizu said...

Tak tahu plak izu Hi-5 group ni hihi but anyway,looks meriah concert tu!

Nampak Falisya seronok dan khusyuk tengok their bley geng dgn Iris ni..dia suka btol dance/sing show gitu hihi..

♥ Wina ♥ said...

they looked so happy and hats off to you! you managed to bring them all by yourself :)