Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our 6th Anniversary

Alhamdulillah, last 15th December we celebrated our wedding anniversary; the 6th year. Usually, we will go out for a fine dining to celebrate the occasion but this year hubby surprised me with a lovely gift...

......melted terus. Heeee :)

It all started when I brought him to Pandora to get a birthday gift for MIL. While waiting for our gift to be wrapped, he asked me which one would I pick if I were to buy. Less did I knew he was surveying for my gift as well...awwww :)

Lucky I felt like giving him a small surprise for our anniversary this year. Got him this cute chocolate from the candy store in KLCC for fun cause it fits his funny character well :P Nasib ada chocolate, at least I have something to give him too that midnight. Hihi..

Of course I did bought him a real gift later on, a perfume since his was almost finishing. Haha. I have no other idea on what to get him because I already got him a gift for his coming birthday (which fell only 4 days after our anniv). 

Initially, I planned to get up early that morning of our anniversary and surprised hubby with a breakfast in bed...eceh :P But that very morning, we received a sad news instead. One of hubby's uncle from his father's side had passed away. (Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Pupa Mahaboob. May Jannah is the place for you, ameen.) Immediately we got ourselves ready and head on to Setia Eco Park to visit the jenazah and attending the funeral.

Faaz sad face upon getting ready for the funeral

We spent the whole day there, and stayed until 6pm. We had to skip the first tahlil that night as hubby has already made a dinner reservation days earlier. We arrived back home by 7pm, got ourselves ready and had our Maghrib prayer before we made a move to KL city. We were both pretty tired, but the day was too special to just let go so we made a point to continue with the celebration plan. I guess the kids were exhausted too that they all slept early that night, which given us an ease and peace mind going out that night. Thank you babies! Thank God the reservation was made for 9pm so we managed to reach there on time (they will only hold your reservation in 15mins time)

This year, we dine in at Thirty8 Restaurant, located at the 38th floor of Grand Hyatt Hotel in KL. I  looked forward to dine in there because of the good reviews not only on the view but the food they served at this restaurant.

Upon arrival at the Grand Hyatt Lobby.

Selfie at the ladies.. :P

Initially, I bought a dress to wear on our special night from Zawara (via online) but the parcel did not made through even I had made my purchased 4 days earlier. Their delivery sucks! :(. With the sudden funeral that we had to attend that day, I finally to go for a simple and modest look that night. I wore the Clementine Maxi Dress from ThePopLook (bought it earlier but never wore it before), and paired it with Lakyne Sequin Belt also from ThePopLook and a scarf from TudungPeople to compliment the look. :)

From the lobby, we took a dedicated lift to Thirthy8 restaurant (where it skips the other levels and straight to 39th floor). We then took a special lift to the restaurant, one floor below. Since it was just us two inside the first lift, I stood in front of its huge mirror and asked hubby to come closer...

"Buat ape nie?" he asked.

"Selfie. Jomlah sayang we take a photo together.." I said.

"Like this??? With the phone visible? Ada ke pulak" he asked again.

Haihs! Orang tak aktif social media memang macam ni tau :P Sabar je la.. :P

Alhamdulillah, the restaurant was kind enough to give us a spot with a beautiful view of KLCC twin towers but at the same time secluded from the crowd. We had a private, intimate dinner with a beautiful view...very romantic :)

Selfie with the twin towers while hubby went to the restroom. 

Us, while having our appetizers.
Love this photo! :)

We started off our night by having the "garlic bread, parmesan cream, thyme" as our appetizer. There were two types of bread served but I managed to snap one photo only. They were equally good, soft and tender. But we dislike the chicken liver spread tho..the flavor was too strong to our liking.

I wanted to try out their Lobster meal at first but then changed my mind. I worried if I got an allergic reaction towards it so I opt for a fish meal instead. I ordered pan roasted red snapper fillet, olives, capers, semi dried tomato. Oh my gucci, it was delicious! The snapper fillet was fresh, and the olives, capers and semi dried tomato just blend in well with the fillet. I give it 4/5. Will definitely come back for this meal...nyums!

My meat lover hubby chose tenderloin steak with chimichurri sauce (which consist of parsley, oregano, garlic, chili, lemon & olive oil). The steak was well done and the sauce complimented it well. The only complaint he had was the vege, it's too little for him.

A sweet occasion wouldn't complete without a sweet dessert, am I right? no? :)
Since we were both were too full for a cake (they said Thirty8 signature cake is the best!), we opt for Mille feuille, white chocolate macadamia ice cream, & chocolate glass tuile instead. The taste of the combo was perfect. Nice!

AS we were about to finish our dessert, the head waiter came to our table and congratulate us for our anniversary. The restaurant gave us this as a complimentary....

Sweet... :) 
Thank you Thirty8!


Last but not least, before we went back home that night, we took the chance to snap some photos near the beautiful view. To those who wants a romantic ambiance with great view and nice meal, Thirty8 is among the place you should dine in with your partner. Totally recommended ;)

Thank you sayang for the wonderful night. Happy 6th Anniversary, love. May Allah grant us many, many years of love, may we be a good parents to our little caliphs and may we be together till Jannah, ameen. :)



Airin Diana Anuar said...

awwww.. so sweet!!

Happy anni to both of you
May both of you stay happy till jannah. amin.

ps: i havent got a chance to hv a private dinner with hubby during our anni last month, shud find some time for it!

ishamizu said...

Aww, so romantic la the place, dear! i likeeee. Happy 6th anniversary and still counting! :)

Also condolence to Fadzil's family due their lost..

Nadine said...

Airin and Izu,

Thank you ladies, alhamdulillah :)
Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin