Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Baby Boy is 5 Today!

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah....


All praise to Allah SWT for his blessings, our first born Faaz Naqi turns 5 today :)

Two weeks prior to his bornday, we had this conversation...


Me: "Faaz, your birthday this year will be on your second day of school. Would you like to celebrate it with your friends? Mommy can order a big cake and you can cut it with your friends."

Faaz:"Erm, no. I don't want to celebrate my birthday at school. I don't want to celebrate my birthday."

Me: "Huh? You sure, Faaz? But why?"

Faaz: "Nothing. I don't want to celebrate, I want presents only"


Amboih! Very the mature...baru nak masuk kindy kot time ni. Hihi :P

Few days after, during my annual leave we had the similar conversation about his know, just to double check with him :D


Me: "Faaz, your birthday is coming soon. You want to celebrate it at school? If yes, mommy have to place order by now..."

Faaz:"Nope. I don't want to celebrate at school. I want to celebrate it at home with you.."

Me: "Ok. What cake you want this year then?" (while praying that he won't mention Oggy & Cockroaches..please, please, pleaseeee :P).

Faaz: "Erm, I don't want any cake. I just want my chocolate cake that I like". (by that he means Chocolate Mud Cake from Secret Recipe)

Me:"Ok, sure. What present you want this year then?"

Faaz: "No, I don't want any present. I want cake only"


Pulak dah...hahaha!

Few days ago, he had this conversation with his daddy while I was busy arranging the clothes in our closet...

Hubby: "Faaz, what present you want this year? Any toys you want?"

Faaz: (While his eyes were glued to the TV screen), "Iphone"

Hubby: "Hah?! Who you want to call?"

Faaz: "You! *smiled*. Yes lah, I want Iphone so that I can play the Angry Bird Go game on my own. No need to ask your phone or mommy's phone"

Hubby: "Now only you  told me, I just only sell my Iphone5."


Hahahaha! Nice one, son. Tergezut daddy...keh keh keh. Tanya lagik :P

And this morning...

Me:"Happy birthday Faaz! Mommy loves you (while kissing his chubby cheeks). Now let's get up and get ready for school, ok?"

Faaz:" Haaaa? Birthday oso have to go to school? But today I have to celebrate my birthday, how?"



Hihihi, from the moment you starts talking until now, you never failed to make us amazed, smiled and laughed with your words, son. You are a special blessings from Above and we truly grateful for this. No words can express enough how much we love you...

 us, this morning - 09012014

Happy Bornday Faaz Naqi, see you later after school! :)



Airin Diana Anuar said...

Happy Birthday Handsome boy Faaz!!
May you be a soleh boy, smart boy, rajin pegi school ye ;)

Nad, Faaz does look like a grown up tau! cepat betul time flies right?

dyana "his other half" said...

Happy Birthday Faaz :). Moga jadi anak yang soleh, sihat selalu, rajin2 g school and selalu dengar cakap momy & daddy tau :).

Haha, hadif minta Oggy last year and nasib baik CD dah tunaikan siap2. This year tatau la pula apa yang dia nak. Huhu.

Insya Allah, next year mesti Faaz minta nak celebrate kat school sebab nak his friends nyanyikan birthday song for him. hehe.

ishamizu said...

hihi such a clever boy! Wishing you a bright future and may success be with you!

Again, happy birthday, Faaz Naqi from aunty Izu n family..:)

Nadine said...


Thank you darling for the wish and do'a. Ameen, mudah-mudahan :)

Hihi ye ke you?! Yup2, the next thing I knew he'll registring for uni intake plak. Hehe..

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thank you dear. Ameen!

Hehehe. Hadif takpe cake Oggy dia cun, kalau mcm tu Nadia approve. Hiks!

Hmm, tak tau la tu. Even sambut kat rumah pun cee d, if we extend the invite to close relatives je pun, bila diaorg ada dia xmo nak potong cake and marah bila kita nyanyi utk dia :P

Nadine said...


Ameen, ameen, ameen. Mudah-mudahan :)Thanks a lot dear :)