Friday, January 24, 2014

Pre-Birthday Treat: The Cameron Highlands Getaway

While utilizing our annual leave between end of December and early of this month, my husband and I had no plan for vacation. We aimed to spend quality time with one another and of course the kids while getting ready for my husband's long business trip + Faaz's school preparations.

Few days before my birthday, while we have random conversations in the car, suddenly my husband talking about a road trip. He said it would be nice if we can go somewhere not too far, for a day trip with his car (I knew he gonna miss driving this "baby" when he started traveling :P). Of course I was excited with the idea. Out of nowhere, Cameron Highland came to our mind...although we knew it was not a good idea considering the monsoon season at that time but what the heck... (oh I love impromptu holiday plan! It get me excited! hihi).

So the day before my birthday, we woke up early and made our journey to Cameron Highlands. Initially, we planned for a picnic there, visiting the strawberry farm, the tea farm and visiting the waterfall if the whether was good.  To be honest, we don't really know the best way to get there so we just follow the North South Highway and headed to Tapah. It was a smooth journey until we started to "climb" the hill. It was quite round-and round the hill journey that eventually Faaz and Faiqa vomitted in the car! gulp! As the road was steep and narrow, we can't make a stop to clean them up. They had to wait until we reached the first township, Ringlet. Cleaned them and changed them before we continued our journey up to Tanah Rata. 


The less "spinning" road will be from Simpang Pulai exit. The route we took was actually the old route to Cameron Highland. We discovered this during our journey back home. Haha! :P

The gloomy weather..

It was cloudy and windy, as if it was gonna rain soon so we decided to have our picnic at the park/playground near the golf club in Tanah Rata. As soon as we parked our car, we chose a nice spot (there were already about 4 families having their own picnic when we arrived) and quickly setup our simple picnic spot. We brought along two big umbrellas as well...just in case ;)

Hubby took this photo while I took out our packed food one by one.


My cutie pies with their fav crackers.

Since it was cold and windy (17 degrees), we totally enjoyed our warmed nasi lemak, and sandwiches that I prepared early that morning. Faaz and my husband especially, tambah 3x terus! Alhamdulillah, licin bekal.. :)

As we were about to finish our meal, rain poured down slowly. Lucky that we have the umbrellas with us, so quickly we packed up our stuff and head on to one of the hut for shelter. Lucky it was a quick rain that lasted for 5 mins.

Twinnies while looking at the rain.. siap nyanyi lagu "rain, rain go away" tau. Hihi.

After the rain subsided, we went back to our car. Our first destination was the famous Big Red Strawberry Farm. Our main agenda was to "borong" the strawberries since our Falisya is a huuuuge fan of strawberry! You should see  how excited she was along our journey, as she saw few of strawberry statues/signage along the way!

 Our angels :)

Although we just had our lunch, we did not want to miss eating at the Big Strawberry cafe and tasted the meals made of fresh strawberries picked from their own farm. So we ordered few meals for tea and had it there. Will share more on this on my next entry, insyaAllah..

 Our tea time snack, eaten with hot cameron tea...

The strawberries we bought

After the strawberry farm, we decided to went up further and discover more what Brinchang can offered us. During the sight-seeing, I realized that it was almost 5pm and we did not even covered the tea plantation yet :( I made a joke to my husband saying it would be niceeeee if we can stay overnight up there since we've gone trough so much to get up there (the vomiting, rain, etc.). Faaz too, when heard the word "hotel", got all excited! so finally my husband asked me to find out which is the best hotel for us to stay. 

We went to Equatorial Hotel (now known as Copthorne Hotel) only to find out there were no available room for walk-in (they only have few apartments available). We didn't fancy the apartment because we need not few rooms and we did not bring any cooking utensil as we did not plan to stay long. Suddenly I had the idea of checking the available rooms via online (through Agoda). Lucky us, there's still few available rooms, with a cheaper price!! (internet deal). We booked for it straight away. 

Hubby and the kids playing at the lobby area

Oh in case you wondering, we brought along our luggage for this road trip as my husband requested me to pack extra clothes, just in case we need to spend the night somewhere... cam dah plan jeee :P

That night, we went out for dinner at a Kelantanese Tomyam Restaurant in Tanah Rata (behind the Tanah Rata Mosque). We ordered tomyam soup and ikan bakar as part of the meals (yang lain lupa :P). Actually steamboat is very popular here in Cameron. You can find steamboat restaurant (halal and non-halal) almost everywhere here. Unfortunately hubby is not a fan of it...katanya tak kenyang. LOL!

My husband and then spent the rest of the night by watching a movie while the kids were fast asleep. Too tired I guess. That midnight, as I was asleep he came closer to me, kissed me while whispered, "Happy Birthday". It made me woke up in dazed, but then smiled when I realized...oh triple three :D. Thanks sayang! *love* I continued to sleep again as it was cold and comfy and I was sleepy. Hehe..

The very next morning, I was the first to got awake. After showing my gratitude and thankful to the Almighty for being alive until that very moment, I went to the window and had a peek on the was beautiful!


After having our breakfast, we decided to check out the swimming pool. (Copthorne is the only hotel there with indoor swimming pool). Since the weather was pretty cool that morning, only my husband and the twins swam. Faaz chickened out since he was afraid of cool water..hihi. Since they don't have kid's pool we had to carry our twins inside the pool water; hence, no photo. The only photo we had was during my husband swam... It was Faaz who snapped it while playing with my phone..

After freshen up and packed our belongings, we checked out early from the hotel. Our next destination was Bharat Tea Plantation. But before that, we made a stop at the morning market at Brinchang. Told hubby that I would love to buy fresh roses here since it's so cheap compared to KL and surprisingly he bought for me (my husband doesn't fancy fresh flowers, fyi). A nice gesture on his lovely wife's birthday perhaps? Hihi. Thanks sayangku! :)

The twins posed before the checkout

Where I had my shopping spree! :D

I took the opportunity to buy some warm snack to munch during the journey down the hill and also bought some fresh carnations for MIL, and fresh vege since they are selling at quite a reasonable price; 10 packets for RM10. The packets are quite big too.

My vege...hehe!

It was an impromptu short getaway but it's definitely among the best! Thank you sayang for this birthday treat, love you so much! May Allah repay your kindness with more rezk and happiness. Aaamiin! :)

Me and the kids, on the morning of my birthday - 4th January.
Photos taken by darling hubby :)



ishamizu said...

Hehe bestkan impromptu plan! ;)

Yes spg Pulai jalan ok..ktrg dulu pon experienced the same, pegi ikut Tapah, balik exit kt Spg. Pulai :)

Nway, cantik gmbr pemandangan fr the hotel window tu, subhanallah! And love the last pic, serius look mcm kakak dgn adik-adik je tau..hehe..

Nadine said...


Kitaorg lagi klakar, balik tu Nadia sibuk borak dgn Fadzil, sedar2 dia dh ikut jln dalam lalu Felda ape tah kat Phg. Sudahnya we all kluar kat tol Karak near UIA. Hahahaha :D

kan, sayu je pagi tu tgk pemandangan indah.

alaaaa. ur too sweet my dear. Awak tu pun sama okeh! :)

shakirah samsudin said...

kak, gambar yg last tu mcm kakak sangat. nampak muda. :D

Nadine said...


Awwww, thanks for the compliment, adik. Kembang semangkuk! hiks! :D