Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Big Red Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands

Although I have been to Cameron Highlands several times, the last trip was during my graduate internship with MDC (know known as MDEC) about 9 years ago. So it was nice to came here after sometime, with the family of my own for the first time :)

Big Red Strawberry Farm was the first place we visited in Cameron Highlands. Apart from looking forward for the strawberry farm, we also look forward to dine in at their cafe, and have a taste of their famous strawberry scone.

Big Red Strawberry Farm is located at Brinchang, and consists of a strawberry farm on your right a hydroponic vege farm on the left, a cafe and a gift shop. The first thing you see upon reaching the place is their koi pond. Faiqa especially was so into it. She screamed excitedly when she saw the big koi swimming in the pond, the same exact reaction she had when we brought her to Aquaria, KLCC the previous week. Hihi..

As we went inside, we saw a huge strawberry statue. Of course it was Falisya's turn to get excited. "Mommy, stawbeyyie", she said while pointing to the statue. Hihi. (she used to called strawberry as "stawbaby"). Took some snapshots of the kids with the strawberry before we proceed to check out the place.

We came to the cactus section first. Here, the smallest to the biggest cactus is displayed and some of them are for sale. Next we have to walk along the strawberry farm and the vege farm for about 2 minutes before we finally reached the cafe. Oh, in between the walk, we managed to snap some photos at another strawberries signage. 

Faaz and Faiqa with cactus as their background

 The view while we walk along the farm




It was so hard to make three of them sit still for a perfect photo. Sorang tengok, dua lagi tak and vice versa. Haha!

Finally we reached the cafe. There are about 50 menu displayed on the wall, with photos of the food, description and price. Rambang mata! After thinking for a wile, we settle for a few meals which were not that heavy (as we just had our lunch before we went there).

The displayed menu

The counters to collect our food

We ordered the Tea and Scone set (RM8.90), Strawberry Flavoured Fried Ice-Cream (RM4.00) and Strawberry Milkshake (RM5.00). All of them were prepared fresh and tasted equally good. Nyums!

Faiqa especially, enjoyed all the meals while Falisya chose to stick on eating the fresh strawberries which came as part of the food deco of each meal. Hihi. Faaz as usual, declined to taste something new to him that we had a hard time persuading him even to try out the fried ice-cream! Sabar je la :P

Miss Strawberry lover

Mr. Picky Eater :P

There are a lot of strawberry based food and souvenir selling at the gift shop in this farm. Another rambang mata. Haha! We settle down with chocolate coated strawberry, strawberry jam, some fridge magnets, strawberry candies, and a lot of fresh strawberries! (It's RM5 per packet which consist of a dozen strawberries each). Borong sebab in KL mahal! Hihi :)

(minus the tea; that one we bought from Bharat Tea Plantation)

They were having a 5 minutes rest. Penat jalan kot. Hihi...cute!

Before we went back to the car for the next journey, our Faaz Naqi was kind enough to snap an impromptu photo of me and my husband. Tak sempat I nak pose dia dah snap...LOL!  Nevertheless, it was a nice photo, so thanks Faaz! :)


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