Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Birthday Dinner

I didn't expect that this year, my birthday celebration ended so well despite no cake or present (initially) from anyone. I had this as a request since my 30th birthday three years ago but it is only this year my wish has been granted :) 

As soon as we came back from my birthday getaway on the evening of my birthday, husband told me to get ready after the Maghrib prayer as he wanted to bring me out for dinner. It was a sweet gesture from him, knowing the fact that he was tired because of the long journey drive. When I highlighted this, he said that even if it's not my day we still have to go out for food that night. Betul jugak..hihi. :D

Twinnies were too tired as they have slept early that evening so it was just me, and my two sweethearts;

My habibi aka my other half...


My little boyfie, my guardian angel :)

Initially, hubby plan to bring me out for Japanese food but since Faaz wanted to tag along, we had to cancel the plan. My son is a rice pot, and he dislike sushi so we went to Ole-Ole Bali (OOB) instead. Malas nak fikir panjang since we were pretty exhausted of the trip we had earlier. Anyhow, we do love food in OOB so we truly enjoyed the meals there.

The "Faaz loves mommy" pose for my birthday

and the lovebird pose before we left for home. hihi :)
(as Faaz refused to join us for a photo)

Alhamdulillah, am so,so thankful and blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday with my loved ones. To my darling husband, thank you so much for celebrating my birthday differently this year, I really love it! *hug and kiss!* :)

Oh, when I thought that my birthday was over as the midnight struck to 12, I received few gifts a few days after; perfume by my MIL and hand sketch arts by my niece in laws. 

Thank you so much, may Allah repay all your kindness everyone... :)




babYpose said...

Bestkan dapat treats for loves. Happy birthday sweet Nadine, may Allah blessed you always.

Ninie Hanis said...

Happy Birthday Kak Nadine! Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu. Tak tau pun pasal OOB tu..kalau tau best nak gak rasa aritu..hihi!

btw, bday girl looking gorgeous that nite ;)

Nadine said...


Best! hihi.

Thank you dear, aamiin. May Allah bless your kindness :)

Nadine said...


Thank you adik! :) Aamiin Ya Rabbal A'lamin! Ye ke..takpe masuk list on next trip back home :D

awww, thanks. sekali skala. hiks! :)