Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Day Faaz Naqi Goes To School

Last Wednesday, Faaz started his kindergarten at the age of 5. Since the kindy survey we had last October (view it here), Faaz is basically keen go to to school. There were times he kept on asking "will I start school tomorrow?". However, there were times that he refused to go to school...mixed feeling perhaps :P

Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM) kindergarten started their regular and star classes officially on 8th January 2014, 4 days after the government school started their 2014 classes. Both husband and I took our annual leave beginning from Christmas until the first week of January (thinking that Faaz will start his school session on 2nd January, at first :P). During the annual leave, me and hubs had our movie nights most of the days, where we took the time to watch movies and series that we have downloaded. Sometimes, we went out and came back home late so it was a challenge to introduce early sleeping pattern for Faaz. We only started the "10pm sleeping time" routine to Faaz since 1st January. The first few days, terkebil-kebil mata Faaz dalam gelap, trying his best to sleep but failed. Hihi.

The night before the 1st day of school, Faaz went to bed early but as expected, he can't sleep well. Left him in the dark bedroom at 10pm and went down to cook his lunch meal for the next day. I finished cooking by 11pm and to my surprise, he was still wide awake when I went to check on him. He told me he can't sleep. Quickly I performed my Isya' prayer before joining him on his bed, hoping that he can fall asleep fast. Alhamdulillah, he did but he woke up at 3am and 4am, checking on me before he went back to sleep. Less that he knew that his mommy too, seemed to be having the same syndrome as him :P Too much thinking and worry I guess. Haha :))

Alhamdulillah, despite of lacking some sleep, Faaz woke up easily that morning. The only thing was, he never woke up as early as 6am so he got confused when bibik want to bathe him. He told the helper that it was still night (since it's dark) so why should he bathe. He later abide to get ready when I explained it to him. :)

That morning, Faaz refused to take any breakfast (yelah tak pernah bangun that early, mana ada selera kan) but his daddy managed to persuade him to do so. Well done, daddy! ;) We were worried he might get hungry since the morning refreshment will only be served by 11am.

His first pose with BBIM uniform :)

We were informed by the aunties (FYI: BBIM teachers are addressed as "aunty" and "uncle" instead of "teacher") that in order for the children not to miss their Dhuha prayers, they must arrived at school before 8am. Semangat daddy and mommy that morning to send Faaz for the first time. We left home at 7am. Less that we knew that traffic was quite ok despite we passed by two schools along the route. We arrived at One City at approximately 7:15 am. Haha!

The sun was just starting to came out and there were only few students being sent by their parents. As soon as I opened the back door for Faaz, I took some snapshot of him coming out of the car. His reaction was...

"Huh...another photo, mommy? I thought I already smiled at home?"

LOL! Sorry Faaz, this is called "1st time mommy syndrome" :P You see son, since birth I never send you to anywhere (kindy/playschool/babysitter). This was your 1st big step to the school and if I may, I would have taken the photos of each of your step to your classroom. Hihi! :)

Upon arriving, we first registered Faaz. Based on the name list, he is under Understanding Class, together with 17 other children (his class consist of 15 boys and only 3 girls)

After getting his name tag, we hugged Faaz and bid goodbye. He didn't smile, the common reaction he gave when he's been surrounded by strangers. One of the aunty then accompanied him to the upper floor, while I had to sign the attendance sheet, indicating that we sent him to school that morning. A good safety measure, I must say.

I waited untill he reached the 1st floor, saw the aunty taught him how to take out his shoes himself. It was then I realized I always does that to him without realizing my baby boy is now big enough to that on his own! *dush*

Since it is one of the BBIM policy that parents cannot wait for the child, we made a move as soon as Faaz were out of our sight. Hubby asked me where do I want to have breakfast. I wanted to try out one of the famous coffee shop in town but seeing the traffic building up that morning, I told him McD breakfast would be good. Malas nak bersesak-sesak dengan orang pergi kerja pagi tu...

It's been a while since I ate you, Chicken McMuffin. Nyums! :))

Time flew fast, before we knew, it's almost 11.30am. Since Faaz will finished his school by 12 pm, we got ready and went to One City. This time, with twinnies as well.

Daddy's girls were glued to him as there were many strangers around. 

Eager parents (and grandparents too!) were already waiting in front of the door when we arrived. We decided to wait a bit further than the crowd as we were not rushing or whatsoever...

The situation at the entrance...hectic u'olls! :P

From my observation that noon, the 1st batch of children that came out of the school were the ones who will go back with BBIM transporter. Then, the parents who picked the children has to inform the aunty/uncle who stand at the door their child's name. With a walkie-talkie, the child upstairs were brought down one by one. Parents then had to sign the attendance sheet to indicate that they brought the child home.

As soon as the crowd getting smaller, I went and mentioned Faaz's name. A minute later, he went down. He was so shy at first, making his usual "angry bird" face as he only saw strangers waiting at the door (I was standing a bit at the back of other parents).

As soon as he saw me waving at him from the back, his reaction started to change :D

Twinnies (especially Falisya) were so excited to see their big brother. They missed him I guess... :)

Faaz faced was a bit reddish and he looked a bit tired so I asked him, "So how's school, Faaz? are you ok, you look tired. Sleepy is it?"

He said, "School ok. I look tired because I sing too much just now. Today we only sing and sing and sing. Too much singing lah"

LOL! :))

Asked him too if he made any friend that day and he told us he as a friend (but forgotten the name), and he told about the boy's trip to Legoland, and that he has two digimon toys and willing to give one to Faaz. Haha, ok...pretty friendly friend you have there, son! :P Anyway I'm totally glad that he can blend it... *phewwww*

At home, the first thing he did was securing the Astro remote and switched to his cartoon channel. While he watched the TV, I asked him about his break. I was curious to know if he tasted the food served at his school. FYI Faaz is a very picky eater. He only eat certain food according to certain brand, too.

Me: "So do you eat at school just now?"
Faaz: "Nope" *eyes glued to the TV*
Me: "Huh, you should be really hungry then. Let's have lunch now."
Faaz: "Nooo, I am full mommy."
Me: "How come, you didn't take your meal at school. You must be hungry. If you didn't eat at school then what you did while your friends eat?"
Faaz:"Errr...actually I eat lah mommy. I just bluff you only" *smiled*
Me:" Hahaha, what did u have then? Does it nice?"
Faaz: "I don't know what it is, at first I thought it's not nice then when I try it's actually nice so I finished it up."
My MIL: "Haaaa, now you know. That's why...we always asked you to try out new food but you refused. Now you know what you've been missing".
Faaz: *made the angry bird face" 


Faaz refused to have afternoon nap because he never did that before so that afternoon after we had our lunch and Zuhr prayer, we went out to The Gardens Mall to do some shopping. Hubby was looking for some stuff for his travelling and at the same time we want to survey Faaz's birthday present since his birthday was on the following day.

Usually, we can spend hours at the mall (without realizing, of course :P) but this time, we set a limit because of Faaz. Wanted him to have enough rest for his school session, the very next day.

For the past last week, each day he came back to school with interesting updates and stories. All I have to do is ask a question and happily he will share with me. It made me looking forward to go back home from work too, just to listen to his stories. Some were funny enough to make you laugh and some made you sad...Will share about it soon, so stay tuned! :)



babYpose said...

Salam, he is so smart looking even acted like one. And lucky to get to go to brainy bunch.

ishamizu said...

Hihi cute when Faaz said that he just bluffed. I guess sbb dia tgh khusyuk tgk kartun, dia malas nk jawab..mcm Zahin jgk. Bila tny buat apa kt nursery harini? Mst dia jawab i dunno..sabo je la :D

Nway, well done Faaz! Keep it up k..:)

Nadine said...


Wa'alaikumsalam, alhamdulillah thank you for your compliment, dear. Segala puji bagi Allah SWT :)

Nadine said...


Hehe,I guess so. Mommy dia yg tak menyempat2 kan. Excited anak baru 1st time masuk skolah katakan *shy*

Hihi, Faaz pun ada time dia malas cerita dia ckp ape tau, "I donno la mommy, I can't remember" :P tapi dah lama lepas tu, time dia bosan2 tu dia sendiri dtg cerita. Satu per satu cerita kluar. Hahaha :D