Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The One For All Cleaner

Kitchen is often called as the "heart" of a home because it's the most popular room among all room for a family. It is true, indeed. As I am passionate about food and cooking, I spent most of my times in the kitchen (besides bedroom when I sleep :P).

Of course the cleaning part came straight away after you finished serving the last dishes for breakfast, dinner or lunch and I am positively sure this part is the less popular part for most of us...yes? no? :)

Being a particular person myself, I can't leave my kitchen area in a mess after cooking. I need it to be clean and neat before I started to have my meal; otherwise I will not have an ease and keep on thinking about it while I chew my food. But the thing is, my husband won't start eating unless I am seated next to him at the dining area. It used to be a dilemma that I gotta choose between the two; wanted the kitchen to look perfectly clean and let my husband waited for me which eventually made the dishes started to cool off that I ended up having to re-heat it...OR left everything as it was in the kitchen and eat with my husband but did not totally enjoyed the food as I keep on thinking of the mess I made in the kitchen :P

My problem has solved the minute I've been introduced by Method's All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner (with powergreen® technology). This all in one cleaner made your cleaning job easier, faster and definitely safer! :)

Mine is in pink grapefruit scents :)

This non toxic cleaner is wonderful at cutting grease and dirt, which makes it ideal for the messes made in the kitchen, especially after you do a lot of frying that day!

For example, there was this one Friday that I went back home quite late after a long and exhausting day at work (about 9pm I think) and I haven't prepared dinner yet for my husband (he usually comes back home between 9pm - 10pm daily). So I decided to make a simple meal for both of us that night (my children usually have their dinner by 7pm, so I usually cooked their lunch + dinner the night before on weekdays).

I made double cheese burger wrapped with egg, fried some fries and simple salad to eat with thousand island dressing. Easy, fast, filling but definitely not healthy! haha :P

Since frying is the main method here, you can imagine how greasy the stove as well as the kitchen floor (particularly at the area)..urgh!

 The stove I used for cooking that night...

If you can see in the photo above there's still invincible traces of grease that came from the cooking oil even after I wiped the area with a kitchen tissue while cooking (oh yeah, I tend to do this multitasking a lot, cleaning while cooking. It was my mom who thought me this so that my cooking space doesn't look too horrible in case a guest popped-in while I was cooking! hihi :)).

I used to use the popular product C** (used to be J**) for this cleaning purpose but I noticed that the only problem with this product is that since it has very thick consistency, it can be difficult to rinse it off. This means more water is wasted, which doesn’t really make the product appealing for environment-conscious people, like me. 

Now that I am using the All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner, I can save on water because this product in light liquid form (as water is part of the main ingredients). With the cutting-edge green chemistry of powergreen® technology, grease + grime don’t stand a chance! ;) Each squirt, delivers a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients - it's derived from corn sugars (potassium citrate) + coconut (lauryl ethoxylate). Toxic free, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent + gleaming clean. 

Spray, spray, spray! 

Not only that it saved my dining time a lot (it takes only 1-2 minutes for this type of cleaning), my kitchen area smells sooo good, thanks to the scents of refreshing fusion of pink grapefruit, blood orange + cassis. Wangi I tell you! Hihi :)

 The after effect: clean, clean, clean! :))

The same cleaning method would do for a small kitchen floor area in case you have oil spilled issue while frying. Don't be surprised, the effect is similar as mopping the floor!

Since this product is a multipurpose surface cleaner, you can also used it for different places, on different surfaces. It's safe since it's an organic cleaner. Like the other day, we wanted to clean twinnies' double stroller which has been resides in the store room for quite sometime. Cleaning was the first thing we do as we plan to sell it off. By just a few spraying and wiping, the stroller looks brand new and smells good too! ;)

As good as new...any taker? 
email me k :)

And yesterday, the children had a painting session inside the house (since it was raining outside). Although I had put some cover onto the floor, there's still some stained from the water color visible on the floor when I did the clean-up after the activity...

Quickly, I grabbed my All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner and within 1 minute, the stained was removed, the floor area smells good and I need not worry about the possibility of my children might tripped on the cleaned floor as it doesn't leave any slippery effect after the wiping part.

Before: The stained...

After: Stained-free!

If you are interested to purchase, head on to either Jaya Grocer, Ace Hardware, Village Grocer OR, you can buy it online here!

All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner came in 3 different scents for Malaysia market; cucumber, french lavender, and pink grapefruit. Each bottle of 828ml is selling at RM13.80 nationwide.



my.mastura said...

just wipe? no need to work on ur arm muscles? :D

Nadine said...



Spray + wipe...spray + wipe! ;)

babYpose said...

Hi Nadine, interesting cleaner, as for now i use amway dish washer for stove and cabinets. Maybe shoulld try the one you are usng as its organic. Seems you are very detail person and into environment thats inspiring. Good sharing.

Small Kucing said...

I love the cucumber scent in my kitchen but now...beach sage is da best :)

ishamizu said...

Izu pon suka bau grapefruit, mmg wangi hihi. Nway, tadelah mahal sgt kan, nti bley cuba Method ni :)