Friday, January 17, 2014

The Transporter Story

The second day of school for Faaz was a special day for him. It was his birthday. When I think back, I too had the similar situation with my son. Being born on the 4th day of new year my birthday either fall on the 1st day or 2nd day of schooling session. Because of this I totally respect his decision when he requested to celebrate his birthday at home instead of school. I know how it feels; since you just got to know your teacher and the entire class for just one day!

Starting from that day, my husband and I had started to work again. We feel there's no point of us taking extra leave since BBIM doesn't allowed parents to wait at the school. That very morning, I sent Faaz to school and he will go back with BBIM transporter (and this arrangement will be permanent, insyaallah). Prior to that day, we already informed Faaz beforehand on the arrangements.

But the morning of his birthday, Faaz looked sad. I asked him what was wrong and he replied,

"I don't want to go back with the van. I want you to come and pick me up, mommy".

I told him that it won't be possible because I work in projects and sometimes I do have to attend meetings and discussions with customers in KL city. He still made that sad face that made me feel pity for him. I want him to be happy, especially on his birthday...

"Why you don't want to go back with the van, Faaz?" I asked him.

"I'm scared. What if the driver send me somewhere else? Then how, mommy?" he replied.

Oh my! I was surprised with his answer. He has just turned 5 years old that day and he already thinking like an adult?! Such a mature boy you are, son :)

How can you're not feeling sorry when you see that he's clearly worried? :(

So I finally decided to go to his school during my lunchtime, not to pick him up but to show my presence and ensure that he feels safe to go back with the transporter. Of course I didn't tell him that, I don't want him to lose his focus at school. I told him not to think of it, and mommy will come and pick him up from school. Lucky me, I had no meeting that day, it's just that I had a lot of network issues to solve (which made me went back home very late for his birthday celebration *sobs*).

I went out from office slightly earlier since Faaz will finished school by 12pm. I waited for him a bit distant from the door, so that he won't have the impression that I came to pick him up (hubby even asked me to hide :P). Soon the children who will go back with the transporter went down and were lined up. It was then Faaz realized my presence. At first he thought I will bring him home so immediately he went out of the line. I had to explain to him that he will be back by van but I will monitor him and follow him from behind. He nodded and was quiet...

Still no smile from his face...chill Faaz, see all your friends sume relaaaax je ;)
The uncles were lining up the children and checking the name list one by one to ensure everyone was presence.

Finally...a smile on his face when I said, "why are u so serious, Naqi?"
Hihi :)

The  kids had to lined up few minutes longer that noon because apparently one of the child in the list still haven't came down yet. While waiting, suddenly a boy (with red bag) started to talk to Faaz. Alhamdulillah, Faaz reacted well...not the usual "un-social" reaction he gave to strangers (adult/child) when we brought him to meet up with relatives or friends. I was so relieved! :D

Soon, it was the time to go back. The kids were escorted to the van by the driver and the teachers. They used white Nissan Urvan as transport.

I snapped this too, just in case...

I followed Faaz till he reached the van. He said happily as we reached the van, "are you coming inside the van too, mommy?". Hihi, comel jerk. I explained to him that I won't fit in as there were many children inside the van and told him that I can't left my car at the school. I told him further that I will follow the van from behind and wait till he arrived home before I went back to work. Alhamdulilah, he can accept that but he asked me one more brilliant question:

"Have you give our house address to the driver, yet mommy?"

:) :) :)

Just before I waved at him as the van moves. 
No worries so, everything will be alright :)

I waited for for about 40 minutes before Faaz reached home. I knew he will be among the last since we stay in USJ, not PH. The van stopped a bit further from our house (kes terlajak, hari pertama kan :P) so Bibik went to the van and pick him up. After hugging and kissing him and the twins, I went back to work...

Later that evening, when my husband came back home he texted me and told me this:

Hehehe, alhamdulillah... :)

and he had no problem going back home with the transporter since then.... 




wahhhh siap aik gbr no plat.. nk amik jgkla

Nadine said...

Hihi, as a first time mom, I can't deny the worry that I have. Just in case what my child said was true (diaorg tersalah anta rumah ke kan), I have information to help me with :D
They have two transporters tak silap, satu hantar ke Putra Heights, satu ke area USJ

dyana "his other half" said...

ishh, this is the BIG problem for me bila hadif standard 1 nanti. eventhough hadif dah biasa dok nursery since baby but for him to use the transport memang BIG worry to me. huhu, nanti nak kena belajar dari nadia pasal ni in 2 years time.

my.mastura said...

is this the van he had in his dream? the one that "go down, and down, down..."