Monday, February 24, 2014

Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Exhibition

"Errrrm son, I think you wanna look to your right side..."

"Erm...ok..I think you should look a lil bit behind you instead"


Those photos above were part of the photos that I took last Saturday at Backyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Exhibition which took place at Marina Putrajaya. It was a date between us two, and Faaz was so excited to see the dinosaurs!


Faaz posed with Pullman Putrajaya as background. 
It was a hot and sunny day!

Faaz posed at the entrance. 
I wasn't sure where his eyes were looking at :P

The first thing we did was to purchase the tickets; the price is RM10 for adults and RM6 for children aged 5-12 years old. There's a simple photo booth area at the left corner of the entrance where people can come and snap photos so we stopped there and took a photo of Faaz inside a t-rex. Heheh!

Can you spot my Faaz Naqi?


As soon as we entered the exhibition area, we were greeted by sounds of animals (dinosaurs of course were major part of it) and pitch black everywhere. Faaz was a bit uncomfortable at first, but when I assured to him it's just the sounds from a record and all these were just statues/robots he begun to loose a bit :)


As expected, Faaz asked a lot of questions. The species, habitat, and food they consume were among the topics. Lucky me, each dino displayed there have its own information board. Hihi...


The exhibition area is divided into two sections; the dinosaurs and the insects. After done touring at the dinosaurs section we went to see the insects exhibition. Here, besides the small insects, large statues of insects such as the scorpion, praying mantis and black widow spider were displayed. It made Faaz excited as well and asked sooo many questions! *lap peluh*



The exhibition area is not that large, but good enough for the amount of money we spent. Most importantly, Faaz Naqi enjoyed his outing that day. The first thing he did when we reached home was looking for the dinosaur encyclopedia that his grandfather bought years ago. Baru semangat nak baca kot.. :))

Since the exhibition is located at Marina Putrajaya, we managed to go there for a while and enjoyed the scenery/activities done there before we proceed to Alamanda for lunch. So if your kids loves dinosaurs, there still few days left before the exhibition ended. Do check it out, ya?! :)




babYpose said...

Ahhh thought its permanent, it will end in few days. Love all the photos. Very interesting especially the insects part coz now kids into spiders, mentandak, dont know in english hehe

my.mastura said...

arrgghh...mcm best!

eh mommy nadia, muka ko sgt gedik! hehehehe