Friday, February 7, 2014

Lion Invasion in E///

Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year and this morning we had the Lion Dance show in our office. It's nice to witness the show this time after two years missed it as I was based in the customer's office. It bring out my childhood memory where my late father used to bring me to witness the dance during CNY, whenever our Chinese neighbors had it in front of their houses. Those were the days... :)

At sharp 11:15am, we heard the loud music coming from the ground floor signaling to us that the show was starting. Off we went to the lobby area of each floor, waiting for the lions to come over. Since me and my teammates are based at the highest floor (the 3rd floor), we have to wait a bit longer before the "lions" came to our floor. They toured each wing of each floor, basically they covered the whole E/// building. Hihi.

Settled with the 1st floor, up they went to the 2nd floor...


and finally arrived to our floor..
lai, lai... let's go to wing B ;)

While waiting for the "lions" to tour around the Wing A section of the 3rd floor, we took some photos with the "Prosperity God". Hihi.

Ching Ching, yours truly, the Prosperity God (I thought he is the lion master :P) and Hsio Ying :)
Looked so tiny when I wear flats :P

Daniel siap with props! 
Mandarin Orange...Hihi.

We then accompanied the "lions" walking along the Wing B corridors to our workstations where they stopped and harassing greeting people and searched for the Ang Pau :D

He's trying to be friendly with John. Haha!

"where's my Ang Pau?"

They were excited too, when they met another gang in RED. 

After touring our workplace, there came the moment that most of the staff been waiting for; the show. It was held at our main lobby/entrance. We were impressed by how sleek the dancers moved, jumped and dance on those high poles. I know it's not an easy thing...

One of the lion started his show on the poles. Check out the video below, how high they jumped. Impressive!!

Among the highlight was during the "lion" throwing mandarin oranges to the staff. It was fun to see how some of us were really aiming to get the oranges. It bring "Ong"/good luck, I assume?? :)

The show ended as the "lions" got their Ang Pau or Lei Si (good money) which was handed over by our Country Manager, Todd...

The Lion Dance has been a traditional part of Chinese culture for many centuries. Legend has it that the lion was made to drive off a monster which was raiding Chinese villages.  

According to Chinese Lion Dance storybook for kids website;

The lion expresses joy and happiness and is used to summon luck and good fortune. Lion dance troupes perform throughout the two-week Lunar New Year celebrations, often going from village to village. They also grace many other auspicious occasions such as wedding, planting or harvest time, religious ceremonies, or even at the launch of a new business.

Well, aren't we lucky to be living in a country which rich in cultures and traditions? There's no need for us to travel far to experience such events cause we can experience all here, in Malaysia :)

Happy Chinese New Year to friends who celebrate!


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babYpose said...

You looked so cute and petite, we used to provide some money to invite the lion to come to our department.