Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The White & Khaki Birthday Par-tea

We've got a few birthday invitations this month; a pool birthday party for Camelia's daughter, a white + khaki birthday par-tea for Nuurill's son and a tutu birthday party for Thara's daughter. All sounds fun, isn't it?! :)

Unfortunately, we had to skip the pool party because the kids were down with flu at that time aaaand unfortunately we had to skip the tutu birthday party as well as I was unwell last weekend :(

The only birthday party that we managed to join was Oman's birthday par-tea on last 9th February. Oman is the son of Armi and Nuurill, our uni friends/course mate in IIUM.

It was held on Sunday evening, between 5 to 7pm. We were the last to arrived simply because the twins were still in deep sleep although the clock has struck to 5pm :P. After performing the Asr prayers and got them ready we made a move to Shah Alam. Lucky Nuurill's house is not that far and it's easy to find. The thing that made me worried the most earlier was to find the location. You see, I can easily got distracted when I'm driving alone with my children :P

Since the girlfriends were already aware that I came alone with the kids, they were very helpful towards us; got us the seats, offer the food/drinks, etc. Alhamdulillah, thank you ladies, am so touched :). While the twinnies were enjoying the fruit tartlets (particularly the strawberries), I brought Faaz to join the rest of the crowd at the koi pond for fish-feeding activity (wanted to bring the girls along but there was no space left for them to slot in). There was a toy picnic area at the corner of the house so I let the three of them played there. I saw them more comfy compared when they were seated at the table area, they were sooo stiffed and too shy! 

Quite a toy collection you have there, Oman :)

Faaz especially was a bit moody and quiet as he did not have any afternoon nap and was just about to sleep in the car when we arrived. Lucky he enjoyed playing with the toys, at least there's something to make him occupied and less grumpy :P Faiqa and Falisya on the other hand were a bit reserved as most of the guests were unfamiliar faces to them.

Soon, it was the cake-cutting ceremony and all the kids were called to gather around Oman and sang the Happy Birthday song for him. As expected, Faaz and the twins refused to join as they were too occupied with the toys. Hihi. Oh, I love Oman's birthday cake! It was nice, neat and cute. Good job, Ana! :)

Cute sgt kan? :)

The thing about attending events alone with your children is that you have limited time to mingle with friends, let alone to have some meal. But I have no complaint on that, what's important that we managed to spend time to meet and greet everyone and at the same time give the kids some exposure to enhance their social skills. At least, they didn't ended up confined in the house for the entire weekend.

Soon, it was the time for our friend Anne to go back home so before that we took some group photos for keepsake. As usual, Faaz and the twins refused to join so it was mommy all alone to join the crowd :P

 Us, in front of the backdrop done by Armi and his SIL. 
Creative, love the color combo!

Fr left: Farihan, Anne, Nuurill, yours truly and Nadia

Soon, it was almost 7pm which indicated that the party was almost over. Before we made a move, all of us gathered in front of the house for group photos session.

The big crowd in white and khaki shades... :)
It was nice to see that Armi and Nuurill's family were all dressed up according to the theme. Even their Bibik was fully on white and khaki ok! Hihi..cool ;)

the cute lil ones.. :)

As we were about to make a move separately, the host announced that actually they have some prizes to give away for "Best Dress" tittle; one is for guest (family) and the other is for family members. It was a surprise that we won the "Best Dress" title for the guest! Honestly, we were quite simple compared to the others. Maybe we won because all four of us were the only family who wore only white and khaki colored clothes that evening. Rezeki... :)


Thank you uncle Akib for the prize! ;)

Actually, prior to this party I had to "dig" up Faaz old clothes to find any khaki colored pants that twinnies can wear because we never had any khaki pants/skirts for the twins. It was our lucky day that I've finally found Faaz old Mickey Mouse jumpsuit and Carter's short that fitted Faiqa and Falisya...*phewwww*. But they had no accessories whatsoever in that two color tones...bangun pun lambat. That was the reason I made Falisya wore a pair of leggings with the short...konon-konon bagi less boyish effect. K-pop gitu (konon :P) LOL!

As for the family category, the award went to all three of Uncle Akib's grandchildren. I do agree, they deserved it, especially the little Zyva. So princess looking that evening with her white tutu skirt. Cuteness overloaded! :)

Last but not least, they had a lil surprise for the kids. Armi lead the show by doing the chicken dance and the kids were thrilled and followed him. Hehe cute! The only kids that were not participating were....MINE! Haha! :P

We went back home shortly after the dance ended. It was a lovely tea birthday party with nice deco and activities. Well done Nuurill & family :)

To Oman,
Happy 5th Birthday handsome boy!
May you grow up healthy, wise and be a good caliph on this earth. 

The best'est part of that evening?

To get a facetime call from my darling hubby as soon as we reached home! :D Hihi..kangen banget okay :P


PS: some of the photos were from Nuurill's. 
Thanks babe!!


Ninie Hanis said...

Whoaaa..congrats kak nadine! Hihi..the mix n match tu mmg bijak2.

And the party was sooo nice and neat. Hihi..suka tgk semua org mcm seragam je ikut tema. Sgt sporting.

babYpose said...

It looks soft and clean party yet cheerful, its been never attended any party but only dinner or kenduri this year, so cute your kids in the theme color, how did you go shopping and all? Semua cantik and diffrent types.

Nuurill Mofiy said...

Oh em geee...
Can you believe i just read this post *icon crying...
That shows the longest time I haven't read blogs and even longer write my own blog.
I love your writings. You brought me back to the party.
Oman and Faaz are 7 now. How time flies!!!!

Kisses for the kids k :)