Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thousand Miles Apart..

Without realizing, it has been a month since my hubby flew to the Scandinavian land for work assignment. Being left behind is not something new to me. It has been a norm for us to be apart at least once a year for the past 6 years. But this year is the toughest as we have to be apart from each other for more than 3 months, for the very first time.

We knew it before hand, it was since September last year (I think, can't remember much) but there was no confirmation whatsoever on the date and duration. Since then, it has became a guessing game for us until everything was confirmed by end of last December. This was one of the main reason that we took a long year-end break from work; to spend as much quality time as we can as a family.

Since the duration is longer than the usual trip and it's still winter in Norway, it made packing activity became a bit tricky as weight was the main issue. Alhamdulillah, we finally sort it out. Few days left before his departure were spent well and that includes cooking his favourite meals at home and dine-out to our favourite restaurant. Common thing to be missed when you travel abroad is the local food, especially when we talk about halal food. Yes? No? hihi :)

The sweet and sour gravy...
ada orang teringin nak makan ikan bawal with this gravy! :)

Above: Nasi padang
Below: Nasi Kandaq

As my husband's travel date fell on Prophet Muhammad SAW's birthday (which is a public holiday), my MIL decided to do a small makan2 for the family during lunchtime. Twinnies were a bit clingy the whole day, I knew they gonna miss their daddy the most :)

Both were behaving well, reading some books while accompanied their daddy to do last minute packing. Can't be parted tho, sentiasa dengan daddy je

Teman Daddy watched the TV...

 Cuddling with daddy for afternoon nap..awww :)

Faaz on the other hand, couldn't be bothered much. He was busy entertaining his cousins instead. Boys... :)

That evening, three of us minus the girls went to the airport. They were bathing when we left so there was no "drama air mata"...alhamdulillah. After checked-in the luggages and paid for the extra weight, we went for early dinner while waiting for the departure. I started to feel sad but Faaz did not show any emotion at je dia :D

 Faaz's first attempt of taking our photo. 
Belum sempat mommy nak pose, snap!
Grrrrrr... :P

The second attempt was much better...hihi :P

When asked to take photo with daddy, he refused. Instead, he requested for my husband's sweater. Sejuk katanya. 
Aik, sape yang nak pegi oversea nie? :P

Soon, it was time to say temporary goodbye (which I am suck at :P). Can't help myself from...urm...u know what girls do best until hubby had to hug me and whispered, "be strong" to my ears. Pastu tengok Faaz, dia cool...ok malu. Terus stop erm u know what. Haha :P


There he went...huwaaaaaa T_T

Since we were not in a rush, I asked Faaz if he wants to go to the observation area, to see the aeroplanes. He nodded excitedly.


Jalan siap joget2 lagi. Excited sgt la tuh :P


After like 5 minutes sitting there and watching the planes took off and touched down, we decided to go back home. 


Peace lah mommy, don't be sad. Chill! Faaz kan ada... :P

While driving to home, I asked Faaz if he already started to miss his daddy. He answered, "No. I am happy actually" with a huge grin.

"Why?"  I asked him.

"Because now I can sleep with you! hahahaha!" he laughed. Such a joker, just like his daddy :P

I went straight to our bedroom when we reached home. As soon as I opened the door, my eyes went straight to this...


My husband was the last person who went out of this room and looked what he did. He tucked the pillow with the clothes he wore that day and put it at his place on the bed as if he's there! I cried and giggled at the same time. Jahat ok, buat orang mixed feeling. Sweet lah tapi... :P

This dummy "daddy" is supposed to be Faiqa's place to sleep (as she loves to sleep on top my husband at night) and for me to cuddle at night as well..*shy* (my husband is my teddy bear ok..LOL).

So far, it's manageable although I did face some difficulties here and there. Alhamdulillah, boleh bertahan lagi...mostly because I constantly uttering these words..

"Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir. Rabbi tammim bilkhoir"

(translation: O my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me. O My Lord, let my affairs end with goodness)

This du'a gives me strength. Alhamdulillah... :)

During the weekdays, we stay connected via whatsapp: chatting, exchanging videos and photos. Meanwhile, on weekends, we had hours of face-time sessions with each other. Twinnies especially, have a lot to tell their daddy.They conquered the conversations most of the time! hihi. :D
I don't mind it at all because of the 7 hours time difference, as soon as the kids fell asleep, it's time for daddy and mommy to date...

...virtually, of course! ;)

hihi :)



babYpose said...

You dont wear hijab when dating with your love right hehe... ,it is a good experience for kids to have daddy having a good job, learn to have long distance communication..

Nadine said...


of course! haha! I purposely wear an instant hijab just to take a photo with my hubs. :D

His reaction was, "eh in facetime oso want to take a photo together?" muahahaha!

Mama Haraz said...

aww.. be strong :) orang cakap distance makes the heart grow fonder tapi I tak pernah separated so tk leh nak cakap banyak hehe

Nadine said...

Mama Haraz,

Hihi thanks dear. counting days and months. hope all moving fast so that we'll be a complete family again :)