Thursday, February 20, 2014

Visiting the Hamleys

During our end of year leave last December, we brought the children to visit the newest toy shop in town, the Hamleys. It is located at One Utama shopping mall in Damansara Utama. Faaz especially, was very excited to check out this store and see himself what this store got to offer as compared with Toys R Us and Toy City. 

The first thing I noticed was how huge Hamleys as a toy store. Each area in the store are divided into sections and few elevated areas to separate between the sections. Each section then have a so-called mini stall with sign, "Come and Play!" where they located a representative to promote certain toys. Kids can come and play there while the promoter will show them the tricks or functions of each toys...

Besides that, they also allocated spaces for kids to play with the toys selling in the store. Not the broken, old toys ya..but new toys! For example, at girls' section - the Barbie doll area, a huge Barbie playhouse with complete furniture and Barbie dolls are placed. Little girls who went to this section went crazy over it, I tell you! Hihi...

Another example is located at the boy's section - trains area to be specific, they have this table complete with Thomas & friends and tracks for the kids to play with! :)

But above all, I know my kids most favourite play area in all the toy shops will be the lego sections. :) They can spend hours there playing with the colorful lego blocks. Sampai mommy and daddy bosan lah..haha!

Either standing or sitting, they enjoyed playing to the max! :P

Faaz was focusing on his "masterpiece"..hehe

A creation from the future engineer...hihi :)

We spent almost an hour touring and checking out the toys with the kids. But the most time was spent at the lego section. Haha..told ya! It ain't easy to make them go away from those colorful blocks :P

Anyway, here are some shots of us having fun at Hamleys store...

Not only the kids, their daddy was busy checking out the toys as well okeh! 
:P Miss your presence lah sayang! :)

My spiderman wanna-be :D

At the craft sections, we spotted the colorful felt brush pens by Hamleys. Nice!

Bosch kitchen utensils has always been my favourite! Hihi.

As compared to Toys R' Us, Hamleys' sweets and candies section has a wider range. For the popcorn itself, there are varieties of flavors to choose from. It was hard for me to decide which one should I took me more than 5 minutes...ambil, letak...ambil, letak. Kahkahkah :D

temptations, temptations... :D

Butterscotch, Peanut Butter, Cheddar, chocolate, caramel and tutti fruity.  Which one is your choice??

Overall, I can say Hamleys is a cheerful and customer-friendly toy shop. Not only the kids, husband and I enjoyed our trip there...

Feels back to being 10 again when I was surrounded by those colorful, attractive toys! Hihi. :)

After the visit, we went to the children's section at the upper floor of OU. My husband planned to get comfy shoes for the twins so that they will walk/run easily on outings. He feels that the pump shoes that twinnies have are too feminine for these activities and only suitable for attending events/special occasions. I kinda agree with him, at this stage of toddlerhood my girls are really active (read:lasak :P), something like sport shoes or sneakers would be more suitable for them :)

Made Falisya tried on a pair of boots but she wasn't happy at all. Haha!

At last we bought the girls the same type of sneakers as their big brothers'. 
Hihi :)

Soon, the kids started to complaint that they were hungry so off we went for an early dinner at Faaz's favorite diner. Before we went back home, Faaz requested for the animal ride so we let the three of them played for a while.

Although we have brought them to see loads of toys, played and have fun with it and got their stomach full...there's always still an issue..

(Faaz mogok tak mau balik)


sometimes it's just hard to please them :P


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Mama Haraz said...

Balik Malaysia sure nak pg! I want the kitchen utensils too please! :)
Dekat sini they have lego play tables everywhere, dekat banks, shops. Senang parents nak beli barang or settle kan kerja. I'm sure kalau pergi bank pun nanti your kids tak nak balik, sama macam Haraz.