Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wood Floor Maintenance; The Safe Way

When it comes to dream home, my husband and I have mix taste in selecting the furniture although we both adore the same concepts. For example, my husband fancy those bulky reclining sofa for a living room but me on the other hand fancy the simple, squarish type of sofa (obviously, the preference has gotta do with our height and size as one will make my legs hanging and other will made my hubby's leg cramped up. Haha :P).

But when it comes to flooring, we both have the same taste; we adore wood flooring (especially the light colored almond wood floor). Probably because we both working with Scandinavian-based companies (Norwegian & Swedish) that indirectly we are influenced by their wood-based interior designs. Even my workstation is wood-base and am totally loving it :)

a corner of my workstation..

These are among the inspirations, when we daydreaming of the house interior. We love how white furniture and wood flooring give a spacious effect, cozy and close to nature feel...

(images are courtesy of google search)

Owning a dream house is one thing, the maintenance is another. Being a practical couple, before investing into something costly we usually had some research on the background as well as their pros and cons. To be honest, we had little experience when it comes to wooden flooring maintenance. I grew up living in a terrace house in Sri Gombak and we have parquet flooring on the second floor. There were times my mom used to clean the floor using the vinegar and water instead of chemicals cleaner to give the shine effect of the wood flooring. While it did wonders and non-toxic, we slowly learned that vinegar and water are not the best combination when it comes to preserving the wooden flooring....

 and why is that?

Firstly, we need to remember the fact that wood absorbs moisture and swells and that what water does, when you mop your wood floor with water...

Secondly, we also need to remember the fact that vinegar is an acid and anything acidic will etch any chemical finishes. Although vinegar is considered as a very mild acid and floor finishes today are extremely tough, constant cleaning of wood flooring with vinegar over years of application will leave microscopic surface scratches that cause the light to deflect in strange ways and reduce overall shine (you can read about it more here)

As we both are concern more on detoxing our home by slowly getting rid of those toxic/chemical cleaners, of course floor cleaners that claims to give "shine" to your floor is out of the list (because they actually leave behind oil or wax). I don't want to imagine picturing our future baby (if any) crawling on the wooden floor of our dream home and then licked the wax or oil that covers the floor because he/she was too tempted with the "shine" effect of the flooring. Would that be something horrified?! yuks!

What else then? 

To be honest, with the current technology and recent awareness of using more biodegradable and non-toxin products these days, it's not hard for us to find natural base cleaners that are safe to use. Being a family that been using Method products religiously since last year, I can say that their products are among the best in the market. Specifically for the wood flooring care, Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner is the perfect solution that I can suggest!

No wax, no toxin, biodegradable and it leaves behind a nice effect with lingering smell on your floor (almond scent). Sounds great, isn't it? 

Well, I gave it to my mom and she fell in love with it instantly for its smell, and easy-to-use criteria. The floor looks better than before too so it made her happy as well :) . As simple as 1,2,3 no additional water is needed (remember, water is not good for wood flooring!), all you have to do is squirt some amount of the cleaner and mop the surface. No slippery effect to the floor too hence it is safe for babies and toddlers to move around after the mopping activity is done.

This product is selling at RM12.80 for 739ml bottle. You can buy it at major leading grocery outlets such as Jaya Supermarket or Cold Storage. You can purchase it online too via this LINK



babYpose said...

Very inspiring photos, i love wooden floor seen in peoples house :). Now i just admire my tribal design rugs or kelim carpet, thats much i can do now, thanks for sharing the products as i coud use it for parquet upstairs, have a good day :

Small Kucing said...

I love wooden floor too. Only worry about termites though I heard there are termites treated wood.

One thing I love about method's squirt and mop is that there is no puddle. Puddles could be dangerous for the elderly

Amilita Zaini said...

My home of 13 years fortunately has timber strip flooring for the stairs & upstairs..I like that much better than parquet. I've been mopping it with *just* water all these years (just a wee bit) and discovering about method squirt+mop wooden floor cleaner last year was like a great discover for me hehe