Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bayou Coffee House, Taman Tasik Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya

Although I've worked in Cyberjaya for 6 years, I hardly explore the place (the diners especially). It is due to the fact that I constantly being based on other offices (customers mainly), depending on the projects I worked with.

It was until I'm based in our E/// Cyberjaya office last year (till current) that I begun to start exploring the restaurants and cafes here when I go out for lunch with my colleagues (sometimes, we even went out up to Putrajaya and Dengkil for food. Hihi :P)

Last week, me and my sports club group decided to go out for lunch cum get together session. The last time we have lunch together was during Sharina's farewell; four months ago...

Farewell lunch for Sharina at Malee Tomyam Seafood, Dengkil

This time, we decided to dine at Bayou Coffee House which is situated at Taman Tasik Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya. The community club is not a stranger to us, the Cyberjaya community as this place is where most of the sports club of companies that resides in Cyberjaya have their sports activities such as swimming, futsal and badminton. Me and husband had once played go-kart here too...

The community club is situated not far from E/// office too

For those who didn't know, Bayou Cafe is well known for its affordable (and delicious) buffet package. Usually it's packed during the Ramadhan month where companies have their iftar session here. Having said that, it was my first dining experience here, I was a bit excited to be frank when I saw the buffet menu this time...simply because I am a fan of Kampung style food! Hihi :)


If during the last get together we decided to wear something in pink color, this time the color code was light blue. That's one of the cool thing that keep our friendship interesting! :)

As much as I looked forward to meet up with my sisters and brother in E/// for a long chat, I looked forward to taste the food lying up on the buffet table (oh yes, I am very passionate when it comes to food! *blushing*). All looks equally good!!

Finally, I settled with these as my first round of meal (read: FIRST ROUND!): Nasi Ulam, daging dendeng, bargedil, kerabu terung bersantan, sambal tempoyak, sambal tempe and tempe goreng.The Nasi Ulam especially was good! Ulam cukup, rasa cukup. I even had that on my second serving so there went my diet. Konon nak makan nasi sket..kah kah :))

The desserts were equally good although the selection is small. (I have no complaint tho, it is considered ok for the amount of RM we payed for the buffet). The cucur especially was the favorite among us.

Overall, Bayou Coffee house gave me a nice dining experience. The food I had that day was good and the ambiance was nice and cosy. Recommended for those who would like to have some privacy. 
Before we went back to work, as usual we have a short photo session for the sake of memory :)


If you interested to try out their buffet promotion, you can check their official FB or call 019 - 3305848 to book.



ishamizu said...

Bestnya Nadia! Klu izu pon mau makan bertambah2! hihi

Mimy Hamid said...

i pernah makan sekali kat sini dan i suka sgt food

my.mastura said...

mcm menarik!!

apsal x de gambo dessert? aku nk tgk tu sbnr nyer..hehehe