Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Homemade Playdoh

I've been very busy with work lately, especially since I've started to work over the weekends again from last week. Usually, when I had to confined myself alone in the bedroom with my laptop, the kids will be playing downstairs in the playroom in the morning and later on continue to join me in our room; either playing or watching some cartoons.

Last Sunday, I managed to finished my work by lunchtime so I decided to bring them out for lunch and went to find "cream of tartar" (Potassium bitartrate); a special ingredients to make homemade play doh. Since all three of them are sooo into play doh lately (thanks to their Mak Ngah for the play doh ice-cream maker set!), I decided to make the dough with the kids that evening as part of our bonding/home school session.

The kids (twinnies especially) were so excited to go out after 2 weeks staying at home. Kesian :)

Faaz requested for McDonald's as lunch so we went to Subang Parade. I got the same question from extended family and friends on how I managed my outings with my kids alone. I know they are concern and worry for our safety, thank you! :) The main thing for me is confident; I won't go out alone with them anywhere if I'm not confident enough. I also ensure that my kids are at their best behavior when they go out with me so that they are in a good mood, listen to instructions, they take care of each other and most importantly; no tantrum. This had got to do with timing, so I usually avoid going out in the evening as Faaz will be too tired while twinnies will be hyper (Faaz usually doesn't sleep during the day, while twinnies will be fully recharge after their afternoon nap and tea break). Of course above all, the Do'a (prayer) :). Choosing a familiar, convenient and near outing area is another important key too :)

Did you see the empty trolley behind us? Oh well, I use 'em a lot to transport my twins, especially when I did a bit of grocery shopping. Hihi.

After having their meal and played at the McD's playground, we went to Cold Storage to find the cream of tartar. Few rounds were made but there's no sign of it. I tried to ask a sale assistant and as expected she handed me tar tar sauce instead :P sabar je la... Faaz then suggested that I make play doh using a simple recipe that he saw in youtube that according to him, "doesn't require that tar tar ingredient, mommy". Hihihi, baiklah!

So when we reached home, Faaz showed me this youtube clip:

Clever son! :D

So quickly we got the ingredients ready on the dining table in the kitchen and started to make our own play doh.

All you need is...

4 cups of flour (1 cup for each color dough)
1 1/2 cups salt
1 cup of water (I used warm water)
2 tablespoon of oil
Food coloring of your choice.


  1. For dry mixture: Mix the flour with salt well.
  2. For wet mixture: Divide water and oil into 4 small bowl. Put in few drops of food coloring for each bowl. Mix well.
  3. Mix 1 cup of dry mixture into 1 colored bowl. Mix the ingredients until it becomes lumpy and transfer it onto surface and knead the dough thoroughly. 
  4. Repeat step 3 for all other colors.


Our home made play doh :)

No more spending RM4.90 for each cup of play doh, no more worries of twinnies putting the dough into their mouth (just in case! :P) and no more worries of them mixing all colors at one go...yay! :)



ishamizu said...

Yay good job! Best main playdoh ni kan..mana pic diorang? :)

kt sini dh lama tak main sbb asyik melekat kt carpet je..rmh ni kan fully-carpet, klu ltk alas pon ke carpet jgk peginya hihi ;p

dyana "his other half" said...

hehe, sama la nadia. kitaorg pun tak pakai cream of tar tar buat playdoh.

CD sama mcm izu, temporary banned playdoh kat rumah. sebab mikael tgh pusing satu rumah and kutip everything. apa yang abg hadif main, dia nak main juga. hehe.

Mama Haraz said...

Thank you for sharing! Nak try, I bet the kids have fun and mummy is happy too!