Wednesday, April 23, 2014

E/// Teambuilding (2014): Penang Island

If last year we had our division's team building session in Sibu Island (read it here), this year we travelled up to the north of Peninsular Malaysia. This time, we had our CD RAN teambuilding at Hard Rock Hotel (HRH), Penang. Because Penang island is well known as food heaven and Hard Rock Hotel is one of the famous hotel in Malaysia, it was no surprise that this year we had a large number of participants for our teambuilding. Hehe :D

Prior to the teambuilding event, we had a pool on whether we interested to drive or to go there by express busses, like the previous years. Of course the majority preferred to drive! so that we are free to explore best makan place in Penang. So we had smaller groups of cars; car-pooling to Penang Island. We were told to meet up at the HR Hotel by noon. I joined my sisters and brothers in NTO and 8 of us (4 ladies and 4 men) went to Penang by Alphard. Havoc all the way I tell you! :))

Us, the first 4 to arrive at the office at 6.30am.
In front of E/// Musolla, baru lepas solat Subuh together-gether..hehe

Since we need to be at the hotel by noon and after considering the morning traffic condition (we went on a working day)plus a pit stop at Tanjung Malim for breakfast, we then decided to meet up at the office by 6.30am for Subuh prayer and started our journey by 7am. It was a smooth journey to the North except that we had to stop by the highway (somewhere in Perak) due to a small glitch. 

Us...macam-macam ragam. Haha!

Since the Penang Second Bridge (Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge) has just been opened to public two weeks prior to our trip, we decided to go through it for the first time. The bridge is longer, 24km stretch and it connected Seberang Prai in Penang mainland to Batu Maung in Penang Island.

Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived at 1pm and headed straight to Starz Diner, the restaurant in HR Hotel for our buffet lunch. I was so hungry and I was rushing to send out some statistics reports to the customer (oh yes, I still have to work!) that I didn't have time to snap much photos...

Dah sampai, yay!

my only photo during lunchtime; my appetizer. hihi!

While we have our meals, the secretaries handed us our room keys for check-in. After lunch, we went to one of the Rockin' Meeting Room for our CD RAN Employee Meeting; which was the highlight of our teambuilding session.

Spotted me and my laptop?
Well, speaking of multi-tasking..ehem! 
Haha, I was sending my reports and listening to our HOD's speech at the same time :D

After the meeting and briefing session, we check-in into our rooms. I shared the room with my bestie in E///, Miss Nini :). The room we had was nice, the music from the sound system welcomed us...the room filled with loads of rock star's deco/photos too! Unfortunately I forgot to snap the whole room view as I was so busy replying emails once I got into the room :P

The lovely view..

The complementary fruits and chocolates from HR Hotel...

The snacks..

The toiletries in the bathroom

After praying and settling down with my work, me and Nini decided to went down to Hard Rock Shop and claimed our HR t-shirt. This year, our management has decided to give us a Hard Rock T-shirt each as our teambuilding t-shirt and we have to wear it on our BBQ dinner the following night.

Since the evening activity was free and easy, we the ladies decided to spend our time swimming. It was so convinient having a room connected to the swimming pool...kluar sliding door dah boleh terus lompat masuk kolam! hihi :)

That night, we planned with our gang to explore the Penang food - part 1. Well, Penang is food heaven, it would be a waste not to please our cravings. There were 8 of us so you can imagine how many types food on our "MUST TRY/EAT" list! But of course we can't fulfill all of 'em because we only have limited space in our tummy and limited time too! So it was so funny and interesting how we argued on which food shall we eat first and which restaurant/place shall we visit first...memang havoc! 

So stay tuned to the next update and I shall share with you our makan-makan story that night ;)

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babYpose said...

bestnya teambuilding kat hard rock, pernah sampai ja, belum stay :)

Nadine said...


Kalau tak sebab teambuilding ni, I pun sama mcm you, pernah dtg dgn family and dine in je. Tak pernah duduk pun.. :)