Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Faaz Naqi's Sports Day

Brainy Bunch International Montessori (BBIM) has organized its Sports Day in mid March for two consecutive Saturdays (with two sessions each; morning and noon). BBIM Putra Heights (Faaz's school) together with 4 other branches have their Sports Day on the second Saturday; 22nd March 2014 (the morning session).

This year, the Sports Day was held at Dewan Sri Saujana, UNITEN, Bangi. Since my husband is currently on his oversea assignment, only me and the twins were available to give support for Faaz. My in-laws were away for a holiday and my mom was not well at that time. Since it started pretty early in the morning and it was scheduled to finish by noon, I brought along our helper. Just in case if the twinnies were restless, I had someone to look after them while I captured Faaz first sports moments for his daddy...

Falisya was so ready to cheer up for her big brother :)

After sending Faaz to her aunty, we went to register ourselves, got our goodie bag which included breakfast and colorful clapping hands for cheering up. We then went up to the 2nd floor where all the parents seated. We chose to sit at the middle of the hall.

The Sports Day started with the marching of the flagbearer and it was followed by the marching in of each of the BBIM branches according to their color and theme (this year's theme is "Under The Sea"). 

The three flag bearer marched in proudly

Of course for me, the moment that I've been waiting for was to see the BBIM Putra Heights team marched into the hall. Their theme is "Octopus", where one of the students, Adam Mikael (which is also my blogger friend - MommyNadia's eldest son) is being strolled on a special platform as he became the Octopus mascot. Sooo cute!!

It was not long ago before I spotted my son marched in politely into the hall. Tunduk siap! Hihi. Out of sudden I had this mixed feelings; thinking that it's another phase of my son's growing up life, and his daddy missed to see this live...

oh well, a typical "first time mommy" syndrome. Hehe :P

We tried our best to wave to Faaz from above but he did not see us. I saw him glancing all over the hall looking for me. Hihi, poor little darling...

The view of the hall as all 5 BBIM branches lined up in colors and theme. Very nice!

The highlight of the first round of this sports day was the performance by all students, dancing to the beat of "Under The Sea" song from the animated movie, The Little Mermaid. For weeks I knew Faaz has been practicing the steps and it was amazing to see how he put some efforts onto it although I know Faaz doesn't fancy dancing that much...

These photos sent by Faaz's class teacher, Uncle Bob few days before the Sports Day :)

and before the sports games started they announced the winner for best mascot. The winner went to BBIM Putra Heights! Yay!! I think they deserved to win (not bias ok!), their mascot was the most creative among all. Well done to the aunties and uncles of BBIM Putra Heights *Claps!* :)

The games started off with playschool group first. It was cute to see kids at the age of twinnies in action. So cute! Soon came the turn for regular and star classes. The host then announced that we, the parents were allowed to go down to witness our children in action closer. Alhamdulillah, we all went down and looked for Faaz.

Faaz and his friends, lining up before the matches begun..

Abam Faaz's cheerleaders. All wore pink that day in support for Faaz! Hihi

Abang was so happy that adik came to cheer for him...awww :)

In total, Faaz played 3 matches; The Ring Game, The Fishing Game and The Balancing Game. I managed to record Faaz in actions although I forgot to keep silent during the recording as I was too excited that I cheered for him erm...quite loud >.<  *shy*

In between the games, we did came to Faaz and I asked her sisters to give a can of milo to Faaz, in case he was thirsty. Faaz was happy that the twins brought him his favourite drink that he kindly willing to share the drinks with them. He also shared it with friends too! Awww,so proud of you son :)

Faaz posed before gave some of the drinks to his friends whom obviosly waiting to get a sip. Kesian, if only I bought more cans! Memang ada satu je tinggal...

Faaz in action, for his last match :)

Soon, came the moment that the kids look forward; the prize giving ceremony. As expected, Faaz so shy when Madam Ladyana gave him the medal. See lah his reaction...hahaha! Sabar je la :P

But it was totally different when I asked him to pose alone...

My proud boy with his first medal. Well done, son! :)

There were also matches for parents as the closure of this sports day. However, we made a move earlier because twinnies were restless. Before we went back home, I took some photos of Faaz as a memory of his first sports day :)

Faaz and his sisters... :)

Faaz and Uncle Bob! 
As usual, he was shy when he's around adults. :))


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