Tuesday, May 20, 2014

E/// Teambuilding (2014): BBQ Party by the Beach

The second night or the last night of our stay in HR Hotel was our BBQ by the beach dinner. As soon as 6.00pm, the dinner setup has started at the beach near the main swimming pool. Variety of food has been arranged except the BBQ food.

From the salad and appetizer area...weren't they look good?! nyums!

Some of the desserts from the dessert section
Spotted tapai (fermented rice) and it made me happy! I love tapai! :)

Some of the vege prepared for BBQ

Me and Nini decided to join the crowd after Maghrib prayer although the dinner started at 7pm. Senang dah solat siap2, takla terkejar2 nak naik solat bagai... As being told by the organizer earlier, we were required to wear our "teambuilding t-shirt" which is the HR Penang t-shirt. Lucky me, I co-incidentally brought along a purple inner and white scarf (actually I did light packing this time, I only brought along plain black and white scarf to match with all my attires during the 3days 2 nights stay :P). Matchy..matchy...hiks! :) 

Since it's BBQ by the beach, I preferred to wear my slipper instead of shoes :)

Crowd were already there when we arrived and people already started enjoying their main course. But there's no worries for us, there's still empty seats left and there were lots of food at the buffet table! :D

Being a big eater myself, of course one serving was not enough for me. Hehehe..had few rounds of food, kalau boleh semua nak rasa! oh nafsu! :P

My barbeque portion...nyums!

Thanks Zul for this photo of us, it would have been a pitch black if it were our phone's camera. LOL!

After the dinner, we all proceed to the front side of the hotel for our must-do activity...group photo! :)

Gaya skema..

Gaya bebas..

Zoom-in to get the clear view of me in the middle. 
(btw I was next to my HOD)

After the big group photo session ended, we continued with our own photo session along the lobby area of HR hotel...

Miss secretary with my line manager

Nani, Ainoor, yours truly and Nini.
posing ala2 cover album
#perasantakhingat :P

Our night did not ended there. Since it's our last night in Penang plus it's a weekend, we decided to do what girls do best - shopping! So off we went at the Ferringhi Night Market which is only 5 mins drive from the hotel. While we shopped, the guys waited for us by having massage sessions. Sedap ye kena "uli" dgn amoi2 :P

Kaki shopping! :D

Everyone became hungry again after the activities done that night so we decided to have Penang Char Kuey Teow as supper. We went to the famous Mady Char Kuey Teow in Jalan Sungei Emas at the Batu Ferringhi area cause it's nearby. It's located near the Golden Sand Resorts, by the way! Dah tak larat nak pegi Georgetown, malam minggu jam! :P

The stall

Nyums! Kuey Teow is my fav! :)

Masing-masing khusyuk layan this one funny Malay scary movie. Cite ape tah lupa :P

After stuffing our stomach and finished the movie, we went back to the hotel and rest before we make a move back to KL. Weeee! can't wait ok, been missing my munchkins too much!!


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