Tuesday, May 27, 2014

E/// Teambuilding (2014): The Famous Tg. Malim Pau

The last day of our teambuilding was on Saturday, 8th March...that was the day the whole country was shocked by the news on the disappearance of MH370 :(

I still remembered, that morning I was having my breakfast outdoor when my colleague Zul broke the news to us. At first, we thought the plane had crash/landed somewhere else in China...there were too many speculation!

I opt for a healthy breakfast meal that morning...after 3 days and 2 nights stuffing myself with Penang food. Konon...ahaha :D

Some groups went out that morning for last minute sight-seeing/shopping but our group decided to stay in at the hotel and chill. Me and my girlfriends went for swimming and this time we explore the slides and water playground. Time to let our "inner child" out :P

Time tu burn that fat, bebeh! :P

At sharp 12pm, we checked out of HR Hotel, and we went for lunch. This time, we had another round of Nasi Kandar before we bid goodbye to Penang Island. We had our meal at Pelita Nasi Kandar. The weather was scorching hot that day. On and off we checked on the latest news of MH370 disappearance from our phone and update each other. That was our topic of the day...

We stopped at Tapah R&R for prayers and shopping for fruits. Bought rose apples for my twinnies and some guava for my mom and mama. I skipped on the pomelo because nobody in my family fancy this fruit. After about an hour plus of journey, we arrived at Tanjung Malim. Zul suggested for us to have the famous Tg. Malim pau for tea and quickly we agreed as we were quite hungry actually..hehe :D

So off we went to Yik Mun Coffee Shop - the famous Tg. Malim pau (It's halal by the way). The corner lot coffee shop is situated at 1/3/5 Jalan Besar, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak...not far from the Tg. Malim exit (if you are from the North-South highway).

I was told that taste wise, the older version of their pau was much more better as compared to current but to me, the pau is much nicer as compared to many pau I've tried in KL. 

We were told that besides their pau, Yik Mun also famous with their Hainanese Chicken Chop and Young Tau Foo in Soup. Oh! both are my favourites but I finally settled with some pau's and black coffee. Some of my colleagues did ordered those two meals and we got to taste 'em all. All sedap to my likings!

My gebu pau...nyums!

Red bean paste filling...sedap! :)

Yong Tau Foo pun sedap!! Recommended!

The hainanese Chicken Chop. Sedap jugak, as equal as in Colosseum cafe :) 

Pricewise, I think it is still ok as compared to KL. I have no complaint on that. Definitely a must pit stop in the future if we are heading to the North. I gotta feeling my husband and kids will love it too.

Alhamdulillah, traffic was smooth along the journey back to the Cyberjaya office. I finally reached my mom's place at about 8.30pm, hugged and kissed by my three munchkins whom I missed so much!! :)


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