Wednesday, May 7, 2014

E/// Teambuilding (2014): Line Clear Nasi Kandar & Gurney Drive Hawker Area

That night, we went out to Georgetown after Maghrib prayers. We couldn't decide on which food to eat for dinner and supper until we were in the Alphard...we had to vote ok! hahaha!

Rommies selfie...excited nak pegi makan :D

While waiting for others to arrive, kita pose dulu..hihi :P

We finally decided to have Nasi Kandar, the famous staple food of Penangites. Among the famous restaurants in Georgetown, we went for Nasi Kandar Line Clear, in Penang Road.

The crowd was still small when we came (at about 8++ pm)

Besides the Nasi Kandar itself, Line Clear is well known for it's fresh boiled milk, especially the "susu tarik telur". Don't ask me why...I wasn't keen to try pun :P

My dinner that night...nyums!

As usual, I chose for kuah campur, ayam goreng, telur masin and bendi. I didn't opt for something special like squid or crab because we'll eat more stuff afterwards so I don't want to stuffed my stomach too much. Nasi pun separuh je.. :D

They claimed they are the best :D

But from my humble opinion (and my tastebud), I fancy Nasi Kandar Beratur more than Line Clear.. :P

Happy us with full tummy.
Nasi Kandar Line Clear checked! What's next?? Haha!

Since we were so full, we decided to walk along the Penang road for a night sight-seeing for about 20 minutes (exercise konon! :P), before we hopped on to our Alphard and went to Padang Kota Lama. We wanted to try out the famous Mee Sotong and Coconut Shake but we were dissapointed to find out the stall was closed! (the opening hours is until 8pm only). Huwaaaaa :(

Ok semua muka keciwa except me. Pandang cammie haruuuuus ready. 
Kah kah kah :P

So we proceed to the next makan-pit-stop; the Gurney Drive Hawker area :) There's only a few stalls still operating by 10pm on that day, I guess because it's weekday but we were very lucky that some of our favourite stall was still operating (except for my favourite Kuey Tiaw Kerang stall *sob*). So we ordered some food and shared with each other. We ordered Pasembor, Sotong bakar and Kerang rebus...

Nyummy Pasembor Menari :)

With Kerang rebus and sotong bakar..

Tengok tu, laparnya macam tak makan dinner jew...bapak2 sape la tu. 

We spent an hour there before we decided to go back to the hotel because the guys has made arrangement for board games. For the past two years, that is our midnight activity for's either board game or karaoke session. Since HR Hotel doesn't have karaoke facility, it's board game that night.

The lights that greeted us at the lobby during midnight

That night, they played RISK.

I was too tired to join my colleagues as I had a very long day itself.  I woke very, very early that day as I had to send my kids to my mom's place in Gombak before heading to Cyberjaya to carpool to Penang Island. I watched them played for about 20 minutes I think before I accidentally dozed off. Woke up at 3am and they were still playing (dengan semangatnya! :D) so I went back to my room, had my Isya' prayer and had a facetime session with my hubby before doze off back to lalaland :)

The following day, we did some sight-seeing, shopping and a bit of makan2 session before we had our BBQ night at the hotel. Will share the details on my next entry.

Till my fingers meet the keyboard again!



ishamizu said...

Really miss nasi kandar! Tak sbr nk balik cuti2 makan kt Msia. Hiks!

Nadine said...

Izu, am sure now that ur here, sebulan misti non stop org jamu makan je kan?! Qada' balik those 3 years u missed hehe