Wednesday, May 14, 2014

E/// Teambuilding (2014): Penang Sightseeing & Famous Teochew Cendol

Our second day in Penang fell on a Friday. Since we have Muslim among us and we have Friday prayers that noon, we decided to relax at the HR Hotel in the morning and explore Penang Island after the prayer.

That morning we had breakfast outside, at the Pizzeria (because Starz Diners was full house). The food selections for breakfast buffet at HR Hotel Penang is among the best of all the hotels I've been in Malaysia, too many too choose for and all are equally good! I had more than 2 plates of food that morning...heeeee

Above: My starters
Below: My last meal of breakfast
In the middle? Secret! Mau pengsan kalau korang tengok banyak mana I makan. Hahaha! :))

Since I've ate too much and we don't have any specific activity that morning, me and my roomie decided to have a beach walk. It was bright and sunny morning (at about 10:30am). It was windy too. While walking along the beach we met few guys from Integration team were busy flying off their kite (yup, they were so rajin to brought kites with them!) so we stopped for a while and lepak with them.

Hazar flew off his kite..

We went back to the room at 11am. While waiting for lunchtime, we decided to swim again since it was so convenient. Just slide the sliding door and jump into the pool! best! :)

Ainoor and I before we jumped into the pool :)

with drinks to quench our thirst..hehe

We had our buffet lunch at noon and our clan met up at the lobby after Jumaat prayers. Our first destination is Penang Road again. This time, it's not for Nasi Kandar but for shopping at Chowrasta Market! Off we went to borong pickles/ asam (haa, this is the place if you want to find the famous Jeruk Madu Pak Ali or nutmeg pickles (buah pala jeruk) and nuts biscuits. FYI, there are also shops nearby the market so we also shopped for clothes and toys (there is a toy shop nearby that sells cheap toys from China). Bought some toys for my kids too!

In between the shopping spree, we also went to have the famous Penang Teochew Cendol which is located at Lebuh Keng Kwee, Off Penang Road. It was a small stall situated at a street in between the shophouses. As expected, the queue was long when we arrived. We met with our fellow E/// colleagues there too! Haha!

Can you spotted Amir with his big smile cause he already got his cendol! :D

we the ladies, patiently waiting for our turn...

My Pulut Chendol. OMG, it's sooooo delicious!! 
Seeing this photo made me drooling for it all over again!
Wanted to order more but I was having a sore throat at that time, tak berani nak meng-over-kan diri :P

Next, we went to the famous painted walls along the Heritage Road/Armenian Street. It was hard to find since all of us never been to any of these location before. We had to google and then find our way by using Waze apps. Alhamdulillah, we were lucky to find some of the famous ones...Happy!! :)

FYI, these famous street art are painted by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist who transformed streets of Penang, Malaysia with a brilliant series of interactive murals. What made it so special is that Ernest rethinks outdoor art by adding something that breaks away from the 2D nature of graffiti. He uses props like old bicycles and motorcycles to bring his street art to life.

"Little Children on a Bicycle" mural

Care to give me a ride, kids? ;)

Me, giving a flying kiss to "Skippy, The Giant Cat" mural.

Actually, there is a giant rat painted at the other side of this wall. We didn't knew it beforehand and failed to capture it. Haha!

"Reaching Up" mural.

Baik kan, Kak Nadine...sambil posing sambil tolong this boy. hehehe :P

Candid of Ainoor and Nini while I waited for them to cross the road :)

The Cannon Hole Sculpture erected at Cannon Street looks funny because the peddlar of the trishaw seems to have fell on a man hole, leaving its passenger looking frustrated :P
(This street art is not produce by Ernest btw)

It was scorching hot and it was so hard to get a parking so we decided to call it a day with mural/painting hunting session. It was then we arrived at Lebuh Aceh, where the famous Ben's Vintage Toys Museum resides. It was nice to see the old toys that refreshes your childhood memories :) I still remembered how excited Aunty Faridah when she told me about this place. Even toys during her childhood are available for display there!

Next, we went to Padang Kota Lama. Since it was really hot, the guys decided to wait for us inside the vehicle while we went and took some photos especially at the historical Fort Cornwallis. This fort was originally built by Sir Francis Light after he took possession of Penang island from Sultan of Kedah.

WE were here! :D

and we were here too!
p.s: pose skema dulu before the gediks in us came..LOL!

OK, sessi menggedik started... *tutup muka*:P

Fe-feeling 'ala models
Sila jangan muntah plis! :P

Soon, it was 5.30pm and we had to go back to the hotel and freshen up because that night we gonna have our BBQ dinner by the pool. We were so excited to wear our teambuilding t-shirt (you gonna know why if you read my next post :P) and looking have our "makan besar" that night :)

To be continued... 




Shah Sulong said...

bestnya jalan2 penang.. shidah akan pergi jumaat ni.. sekejap je pun.. tapi cukup lah utk melepas rindu!

Nadine said...


Have fun darling! Enjoy Penang food feast ya ;)

Shah Sulong said...

thanks, will do!! batu feringgi and padang kota lama are my old time favourite!