Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dino Discovery at Discoveria

On the second day of my annual leave (during Faaz's school holiday), I brought my children to Discoveria, which is located at the 4th floor of Avenue K Shopping Mall. I heard so much about this place and what made me so interested to bring my kids here is that the experience is totally different from any Dinosaurs exhibition that we went so far. It is more interactive, involves hands on activities and the best part is the visitors get to be a Paleontologist during the exploration!  

The huge wall poster as we reached the 4th floor

We arrived at Avenue K at 3.30pm and we went to the 3rd floor via lift before using the elevator to get to the 4th floor, where Discoveria is located. First thing first, we got ourselves the entrance tickets. The rate is RM26 for adults (M'sian citizen) and RM36 for child (M'sian citizen). To me, quite reasonable for the experience and stuff they provided you during the entire journey.

Made them posed before we went inside..hihi

As we went inside the entrance, we were greeted by a Discoveria staff. We were permitted to go inside by group basis (it can be a group of friends/family or only couples). It was very dark, almost pitch black. There, we were given a safari sleeveless jackets each for us to wear. Next, the leader of the group (in this case yours truly) was given a wristband called "Dino Detector" that will be used to tag on the monitor for each exhibits to get the information about the displayed dinosaurs and an LED head lamp, something similar like this...

Next, all four of us were given a "passport" for our Dino Quest which consist of a Dino Quest Map, Questionnaire and stickers. 

The Dino Quest Passport booklet

We then were brought into a small studio where a Discoveria staff took our family photo. We were then brought to a small briefing room where they showed us a video explaining about the Dino Quest activity. Basically, the leader of each group has to tag the Dino Detector wristband at the monitor near each specimen. Next, we have to find the hidden specimen which are marked by certain symbol. After you have found them, you have to paste the symbol stickers given to you into the map, according to the correct spots. If we complete the map and the questionnaires provided, we can exchange the passport with a certificate at the end of the quest. We were also warned that no photo is allowed inside the exhibition hall where the specimens are situated. But fret not, cause you'll be allowed to take photos with the famous Dino specimen - the T-Rex after the exhibition. So sabar ye..hihi :D

Our family photo. Again, wished you were here, Sayang!

(The background was actually plain black, they added few types of view when we go to the Souvenir Shop and we can choose what we want before they printed out the photos)
BTW, the kids looks cute in their sleeveless safari jacket :)

We then started our journey inside the exhibition hall. Apart of doing our tasks for the Dino Quest activity, we also done the hands on activities provided at some of the exhibits such as wearing the dino tails and running competition with a virtual dino. It was fun. The best part was, my son Faaz Naqi did his very first wall climbing activity!! I just couldn't believe it at first! My shy and reserved son finally opt for something adventurous himself! I almost cried when I saw him all armed with the safety hat and harness all ready to climb :"> He did it up to the top but he slipped a bit while going down, ended up with a small bruise on his chubby cheek. It's ok son, it's part of growing up and as your Nana said, "bruises is nothing for boys!" ;) Too bad I can't capture him while he climbed the wall...remember, no photos allowed? Mommy so proud of you, Faaz. Looks like you are not afraid of height. Perhaps, one day you can be like mommy and climb the communication tower too? ;)

We have completed the Dino Quest! yay!

The challenging part for me inside the exhibition hall was to complete the dino quest as I had to paste the stickers for 3 maps (for me and twinnies) at every checkpoints (in darkness, with the help of the head lamp). Faaz showed full concentration for each exhibits. He listened and asked questions for each information that I read to him on each type of dinosaurs. The twinnies however were more to mesmerizing. They kept on pointing and saying "wow", "look at that!" and so on...hihi cute!

We saw a huge T-rex with a nice background as we completed our Dino Quest. It's actually a photobooth. A Discoveria staff was waiting for us there. He assisted my children to climb on top of the T-rex with a ladder. Adults too, can climb and sat on the T-rex if you want :) After he removed the ladder, all we have to do was smile! You can also capture the moments using your personal camera here...

Faiqa was busy watching the discoveria staff as he brought the stairs away from the T-rex..heheh!

I think Faiqa was quite afraid of the height based on her reaction here. No wonder she watched closely as the stairs were moved from there..hihi

All of was hard to make the twinnies smile to the camera (stranger)

Ahead of the photobooth are the kids playing sections. They have a machine that sucked colorful balls from down under and the air pushed them up and eventually made it fell off. This is to demonstrate to the children how a volcano works.

While the kids were busy playing with the balls, we were called by a Discoveria staff. They were about to start a 3D documentary on dinosaurs and we were invited. So we went inside and put on the 3D glasses provided to us. I let Faaz sat on the front line while me and twinnies sat at the back seats. I didn't want the twinnies to disturb others because I knew they were too small to understand. I was glad to see Faaz was paying attention till the documentary ended. Good job, son.

After the movie session, the kids did the fossil collecting activity where they were given brushes and pails and they had to find each fossil at a certain places. 

Signs like this are placed at certain area, as clue for the children to find their fossils...

My little Paleontologists in actions!
Very dedicated..hihi

Faaz Naqi finally found his fossil...hurray!

Discoveria also provide an art space in front of their souvenir shop. So while I returned the jackets, wristband and head lamp and collecting our certificates the kids enjoyed themselves with coloring activities...

Instead of coloring, Faiqa & Falisya opt for arranging the pencil colors..hehe

Only Faaz who finished off coloring his Dinosaurs...

The kids certificates from both Farm In The City and Discoveria

After they were done with their coloring activities, we went back home. All in we spent about 3.5 hours in Discoveria and it was the best experience so far. So for those of you who are a fan of Dinosaurs or have kids with the same interest, head on to Discoveria. I bet you gonna enjoy it as much as we did!



Nuriesya Nadia said...

Woah ! Macam best je , kite pula yang rase berminat. :p

babYpose said...

bestnya ada dino ride :)

ishamizu said...

Comelnya uols pki safety jacket tuh hehe. The kids sure seronok kan esp dpt naik Dino ;)

Nadine said...

Nadia Jr,

Hihi boleh je gi dear, akak tengok ada couple2 yg masuk jugak :)

Nadine said...


Hihi naik utk amik gamba je you, benda tu takleh gerak pun. but mmg best pegi sana..bawalah your kids :)

Nadine said...


hihi thanks Izu, nadia la plg comots skali sbb sblum tu pakai head lamp kat dahi, habis penyek tudung :P

bila balik shah alam bawakla your kids pegi sana. best!

mama ahza said...

Thanx for d details shared! Very helpful!👍☺️