Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eating Out at PD - Restoran Seri Mesra

Since we've got married, my husband and I have been to PD for quite a number of times, and we have stayed in quite a number of hotels in PD itself; Avillion Admiral Cove, Glory Beach Resort, and Le Paris Hotel and Costa Rica Apartment to name a few...

During the stays, usually we will dine out for dinner and this particular restaurant has been our regular place - the Seri Mesra Restaurant, which is located at Teluk Kemang Square (coordinate: E 101 degree 51' 15.1" N 2 degree 27' 45.9"). It is situated beside the Mesra Supermarket (which is owned by the same person/family). So far, it has the consistency in the taste of the food served, of which is quite tasty to our taste bud so we kept coming by. It is not the cheapest though, pricewise it's actually quite steep when compared to other seafood restaurant in PD but in general, all seafood restaurant in PD having higher price than any other seafood restaurant by the beach (perhaps that explained why people who stays in PD for vacay will go as far as Umbai or Muara Sg. Duyung to enjoy good seafood with more reasonable price!).

Faaz Naqi sipping into his Iced Milo...

Usually, we will ordered the standard same food when we came here: grilled fish (ikan bakar), deep fried squid, chicken  tomyam, stir fried kailan with salted fish and omelette. 

What I love most about their grilled fish is the "sambal" which is quite nice (and not too spicy!), and it complimented their "air asam" and "sambal kicap". Memang ngam and sedap! Another thing that I fancy in this restaurant is their fermented rice or "tapai pulut", which is my favourite! sedap! nyums! hihi :)

So for those of you out there who is looking for a nice makan place in Port Dickson, this is one of my recommendation. But don't expect it will be that cheap k :P 

After filling up our empty stomach, we went back to Thistle. We thought with full stomach plus the tiredness from the long swimming activities will make our children sleepy easily and sleep early that night. Oh we were so wrong! 

There is a LEGO Room at the right side of the lobby of Thistle hotel and it is opened till late night! As soon as they saw the lights were still on in that room, the three of them ran towards the room and went inside. Kira buat macam rumah sendiri la.. hehe :P

They were so into it!

The room was cozy and spacious, fully aircond. My husband later came to join us (he sent us off at the lobby first before he went and parked his car) and he too got carried away with those colorful blocks. I was too tired and sleepy so I let them enjoyed their lego session whilst I read my chick lit novel. We finally went up to our room at midnight! So much of sleeping early kan :P

The kids with their "overgrown" friend..heheh! :P

Falisya with her favourite cartoon characters :)

It's my first time in Thistle and I fell in love with it's child-friendly facilities which are all free! Our children totally have fun staying in this hotel. If the first day we already explore the Video Games Room and the Lego Room, on the second day of our stay here we let the children enjoyed watching their favourite animated movie at the Mini Cinema/Movie Room. Will share more of it in my next entry. 

I promise! :)


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