Monday, June 23, 2014

Farm In The City - The Largest Petting Zoo

Just like the rest of schooling kids in Malaysia, my son Faaz also had his 3 weeks school holiday in early June. Since my other half is far, far away I decided to take a two days off from work and brought the children for special outing on these two days. Pity Faaz if he had to stay at home for the entire 3 weeks holiday...

Been surveying on the interesting places/activities that we could do together few weeks prior the trip and finally I decided to bring the kids to explore new things in KL city. Places with educational values were my choices. So the first place I chose to bring my children was the Farm In The City (FITC), Malaysian largest petting zoo. Based on my personal experience, as compared to National Zoo I think petting zoo is much better place for Faaz and his sisters to learn about animals. At these age groups (between 2-6 years old), they prefers interaction and movement more and in petting zoo, they can cuddle, touch and interact closely with the animals. Whilst in the normal zoo, animals are kept inside the cage and most of the time, they were sleeping or hiding when we pay a visit.

The map; taken from the FITC website

As we arrived at 11am :)

We are lucky that the petting zoo is located not far from USJ. It took us only 20 minutes  to reach the location by using the LDP highway. The first thing we did upon arriving at the FITC was to buy the tickets. The entrance fee is RM30 for adults and RM25 for children below 12 years old. Children below the height of 60cm is FOC. So all in, it was RM105 for all 4 of us...

As we were about to begin our journey :)

The first thing we saw as we went down the stairs was this pony and it kept the twinnies excited because it reminded them of their favourite cartoon, "My Little Pony". They kept saying, "Mommy, mommy, it's little pony!" hehehe :D 

Unfortunately, the pony kept on showing us her "bum" that day :P

We decided to start our journey from the left side so we started off with Turtle & Tortoise Farm. As we went inside, we saw two giant tortoise were on the floor of two different locations inside the farm. There were visitors trying to feed and touch the tortoise. It made Faiqa quite excited. Quickly she went nearby the tortoise, squat down and try to touch its huge shell without fear! Falisya and Faaz were quite scared at first so they just stood back and watched Faiqa in action. 

steady lah adik! :)

Here, the visitors are encourage to feed and care for the animals so in each smaller farms, there are workers who will provide you with the vege/fruits to feed the animals. They will also happy to assist you to get closer to these animals. Faiqa took some of the "pucuk keladi" (sorry I don't know the name in English), which is among my favourite vege and started to feed the tortoise if it was her pet animal! hihi :)

Love this snapshot of my animal lover! (:

She was kind enough too, to persuade Falisya to join her and she succeed! Slowly Falisya came closer to the tortoise and she managed to stand next to it although she still refused to feed the tortoise. It's ok, sayang. One step at a time! :)

Faiqa persuaded Falisya to be brave...

and next thing you know, Falisya has the confident to pose near Mr. tortoise! *clap!*:)

Ini terlebih berani, you know what...she wanted to lift the tortoise up! 

Besides the two tortoise who were set free inside the farm, there are other species of tortoises and turtles displayed inside the farm.

"Bertingkek tingkek" :P


Next, we moved on to the next farm, the Birds Farm. Here, the visitors will enter quite a spacious room with netting where all the species of birds flying freely inside. I love how they designed the landscape inside, so cosy and cooling with small stream, pond and mini waterfall. 

Most of the birds (and ducks) here are very friendly. They did not afraid of human at all..some of them even walked beside us along the way. It was cute! There's a funny incident too here when yours truly wanted to show some "braveness" towards the animals to the 3 what I did was to take some of the  seeds and putting it onto my hand palm. Less did I knew the birds were too friendly here! As soon as they saw it, about 10 birdies flew onto my palm and started to peck. OMG, geli sangat that I accidentally screamed! LOL!! So much of being brave la kan?! :P *tutup muka* :))

Faaz up close and personal with a friendly green bird.. :)

Stopped to pose!

After the Bird Farm, we went to the World of Geese and Ducks. Here, there are more than 20 types of geese and ducks available:

However, since it was scorching hot that day, we can only witness about 5 species and that includes the beautiful white and black geese..

We then continued our journey to visit the reptiles, parrots and tiny little chicks! Most of the reptiles are kept inside the glass cage so Faaz was quite happy to walk around and got a closer look at each of them via the glasses. :D

The big, fat python..


The monitor lizard's babies..yuks! :P

The parrots that can say, "HELLO!" :)

They were pretty excited when they saw the cute little chicks but when the worker came and took out one of the chick, Faaz ran away..haha! The twins on the other hand were pretty excited. Faiqa the guy gave her the chick to hold first before Falisya too got her chance :)

Faiqa is so natural with animals, she held and touched almost all animal there without no fear at all.
 Such an animal lover, just like her Daddy. 
Mommy proud of you, little girl! :)

Poor abang only managed to look from behind..hihi :D

and when the "uncle" put the chick on top of twinnies head, Faaz ran away again! LOL!

Before we proceed to the next destination, which was the Rabbit Farm, we took some photos and had a short break. All of us were drenched in sweats so I had them cooled off at a nearby cafe and had some drinks, snacks and ice-cream. FITC was not too hot cause there's a lot of trees available but there was almost no wind at all that day. Panas kering...huhu.

Among my favourite cause it's so hard to get Faiqa posed and smiled! :)

Selfie...or shall I called self-us?! hehe

The Rabbit Farm is situated in front of the cafe and it is separated by a small stream and bridge. Inside the stream there's a lot of small fishes inside and FITC provided nets and pails for the kids to do fishing activity there. I had fun watching the kids squatting by the stream and tried their best to catch some fishes. Cute!

This was the activity Faaz enjoyed the most there, simply because it did not required any body contact with the animal. Hihi.
Oh well, he's definitely mommy's boy  as we are shy to the animal..kekeke :P

After the fish-catching activity, we went inside and fed the rabbits. Faiqa and Falisya were so into it, patiently feeding and waiting for each rabbit to finish up the carrots. 

I tried to convince Faaz to feed the rabbits there and all he did was throwing the carrot pieces from far...hehe. Then, I tried to convince him to at least went closer to the rabbit so that I can took a photo of him (if not there's no proof that he went to FITC to show to his Daddy) so finally he agreed. This was how far he went to the rabbit...

Look at his facial expression, nampak sangat cuaknya :P
Funneh la you...hahaha!

We then proceed to the next farm where they have deers, goats and kangaroo! The deers and goats were not kept in the cage so you can interact and feed with them closely. Again, it was Faiqa who lead the brother and sister to get up, close and personal with these animals :)

Faaz: "becareful, adik.." 
Faiqa: *relaxed and kept on feeding the deer*

Faiqa & Falisya were having fun, and were monitored by Faaz from behind. Hihi

This cute kangaroo is said to be the world smallest kangaroo. So tiny! :)

Next, we made a visit to the Horse Stable where the horses are kept. There are specific times where you can get your child to have the horse-riding activity and the tickets can be purchased at the entrance counter itself.

Mommy's favourite pet :)

Should bring them for horse-riding activity soon, something my late father did with me during my childhood. I missed horse-riding!

Cute raccon was set free and it love to hang on the tree branches near the horse stable and watching the visitors :)

Along the journey inside FITC, we can see various species of fruits and vegetable trees such as the mangosteen trees, cashew nuts trees and the banana trees with their tag so that we can educate the children about these plants as well. In FITC also they have the Vegetable & Fruit Farms but my kids were not too keen to check it out so we skipped it..

Actually, while we visited all the farms inside FITC, there we spots where the FITC photographers will asked us to pose with the animals and we can have a look at these photos at the end of the journey, at their photo booth. If you like it, you can purchase the photo which will be placed inside a special photo booklet as a token of memory. We decided to print this photo of us with Mr. Tortoise. :)

How I wished my husband was there with us!

As we went out of the farm, we stopped by the Ostrich Farm as requested by Faaz. All three of them were so into it that they don't mind the hot sun at all! >.<

It was a fun trip at FITC. The kids enjoyed it that much that they did not mind all the sweats, at all! They learnt a lot too, that's important for me. For parents with small children, this place is a must to visit! Perhaps when they are big enough (primary school and above), you can proceed to bring them to Zoo Negara instead :)



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Mama Haraz said...

That looks fun! Nak bawak Haraz inshaAllah if we come back. Thank you for the informative write up :)

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It was only you with the kids? Bravo!