Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hanim's Farewell: Nyonya Valley, Cyberjaya

After our last get-together a.k.a "makan-makan session" in March (read it here), my sports club group in the office had another session in last May. It was Hanim; our HR's team turn to bid farewell to E///.

Nyonya Valley Restaurant in Cyberjaya itself was chosen as the venue for our lunch date this time. As usual, there will be a theme color for each of our get-together session and this time, Ria chose golden brown as the theme color.

Our PP clan with our new member; Nana :)

Me and sweet Anna, among the early bird that day..hihi

Our food feast menu was ordered by Ria and all were equally good. A recommended (halal) restaurant for Nyonya style food. That afternoon, we had:

*menu snapshot taken from their website:*

It was my first time trying the deep fried kailan dish and it tasted so good. Memang win! :) The kailan leaves were shredded and deep fried, it's crunchy! Wonder how they did it...

Our table view which made me hungry all over again hehe :D

As usual, besides enjoying the scrumptious meal and catching up with each other (since we are coming from different departments in E/// and some have left E///), we did our favourite activity as well...which pose! :P

Smileeeee :)

and loads of smilessssssss! hehe!

Nyonya Valley offers few private room for group dining and you can book it up front. It is suitable for group lunch/dinner like what we had. Sebab itu boleh posing sebanyak mungkin..tak mengganggu dan diganggu..gittueww..hiks! :P

Few days after, Hanim treated all of us with a small cake session at the coffee area of our office. She brought cute Hokkaido cakes for all of her friends. How nice! It was my first time trying Hokkaido cake too. Sedap! Soft and and the sweetness was just nice :)

Thanks Cik Nim :)
Lepas makan, kita pose lagik! hihi

And on her last day at work, we had another round of farewell with her - we all came early to work and have our first farewell breakfast session...all thanks to Nana :)

Thank you for the treat, Nana. Murah rezeki you!! :)

How much love we have for you Hanim, our HR lady. One after another farewell session just for you. Thank you for the friendship all these years, don't forget us tauuuu! ;) 


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