Friday, June 20, 2014

Ladies Fashion - A Woman's Shopping Paradise

Do you agree when I say that in general, the word "LADIES", "FASHION" and "SHOPPING" are inseparable? Well I guess it came from our womanly nature of loving nice things and LOVES to doll up! Aren't we ladies? ;)

The ladies fashion industry is always a fast pacing environment where one day it’s in style and the next day it’s out! Designers make a lot of effort to bring the best stylish fashion products for their customers. As we know, women have a very high tendency to drive out to malls with their girlfriends to get the latest fashion clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from many local and international brands. We could never get enough of them!

Because fashion is one of the medium for expressing oneself or a reflection of one's character, every individual have their own taste and preferences according to their style and personality. From a casual look to a sophisticated approach, you could select from the wide range designs of dresses, peplum tops, tank tops, jeans, skirts, jackets and blouses available in the market. And the best part is, we could mix and match the clothing to get the look we desire! 

Being a Muslimah myself, I am flattered that currently the fashion industry has also taken into account on the fashion interest from their muslim market. Muslimah fashion wear is rising up the fashion ladder every single day and the muslimah ladies are not left out to follow fashion trends of baju kurung, kaftans, peplum kurung, hijabs and more. Fashion designers have given a new breath to the traditional muslim wear and modernized it with laces and embellishments. I can still dressed up modestly and yet still have those stylish and modern look at the same time. How nice! :)

*photo courtesy of Zalora*

Why do the ladies love shopping so much? Well, it is the perfect way to release stress and looking fashionable will definitely boost up a woman’s confidence. We could feel powerful as if we could rule the world and our insecurities are gone! Sometimes, when I'm so stressed out with workloads in projects I'm working with or handling demanding customers, I'll do a bit of shopping and dressed up the following morning for meeting/presentation with the customers. It did help out with uplifting my spirit..seriously! 

one of the #selfie shot I posted in my IG before meeting up with the customer for my project presentation :D

Being someone who loves fashion, I will never want to miss out getting hooked on the new arrivals coming out every month. But to go out to the malls and spending time to check on the new arrivals, is almost impossible for me since the arrival of my twinnies. They will easily get bored and cranky if I spend too much time in the Ladies section and when I wanted to try on some clothes, both of the girls and Faaz will want to go inside the fitting room as well! Can't barely see myself in the mirror let alone to move around if you know what I mean! LOL!

So what I do (what I do A LOT these days since my husband is away for oversea assignment :P) is to make full use of Internet! Hihi. My favourite virtual closet with amazing fashion trends currently is none other than Zalora. You may find new stylish pieces from casual wear, formal wear, muslimah wear and more here as Zalora provide an extensive list of brands locally and internationally. From the cheapest to the most exclusive pair of clothing, Zalora has it.

I find online shopping is much more fun in Zalora too as I can easily do the mix and match activity just in one place! What I usually do is, to do my window shopping a.k.a "cuci mata" first of the new arrivals from different categories such as tops, skirts, hijab or shoes. Next, I'll do the mixing and matching part. After I satisfied with my choice, I'll continue to add the clothing to my bag and the next thing I knew, they'll arrived at my doorstep the very next day! (oh yes, their delivery service is tip top!). These are some of the examples of my favourite mix and match pieces from Zalora for casual/office wear:

Mix Flora with Pocket Blouse from Waffiya by Dollscarf (RM62)
Palazzo with matching lining from Ethic Chic Ayu (RM69.90)
Pleated Shawl Athifa 401 from Scarf Sweethoney (RM49)

Lacey OL top from Another - (RM59)
Palazzo Stripes Pants from Ethnic Chic Ayu (RM69.90)
Toe Cap Pointed Court Shoes from River Island (RM167.40)
Jane Shimmer Ala Crepe Shawl from Sugarscarf (RM49)

Alani Shakirah Floral Chiffon Skirt by Ethnic Chic (RM34)
Alya Hasnaa Casual Denim Top by Ethnic Chic (RM55)
Raphael Ladies Belt by KLF (RM32.40)

Now that the Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming in another 2 months time, Zalora also bring famous Malaysian Designer pieces from their ready-to-wear (RTW) collections such as..

Syomir Izwa for Zalora

Jovian Mandagie for Zalora

Rizalman for Zalora


With the current hot weather and fasting month coming really soon, why bother to go out? You could shop online with Zalora in a cold aircondition room and get the best deals possible! 


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