Monday, June 16, 2014

Mamee Chef Day

Last Saturday, I joined 50++ other bloggers under Nuffnang to a one day trip to Malacca for Mamee Chef Day outing. Our main objectives were to visit Mamee Factory/Headquarters in Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate and Mamee Jonker House in Jonker Street. We departed from Mamee Factory Subang Jaya with two busses and arrived at Mamee Factory in Malacca after 2 1/2 hours journey.

As soon as we reached the Mamee Headquarters, we were given some refreshments and were briefed on the agenda as well as the introduction of Mamee brand itself. It was interesting to know the history behind the company and its products; especially about my all time favourite snack, the Mamee Monster snack! :D

The first packaging of Mamee Monster Snack in 1976!

and this is their first instant mee - "Lucky" in 1972!

During the briefing, we were told that Mamee Chef Curry Laksa - Mamee's famous instant noodle has recently being ranked among the Top 10 Best Instant Noodles in the World for 2014 by Impressive!

(FYI, Theramenrater is based in US and he is well known for his popular reviews of instant noodles that he tasted from all around the world. To date, he already reviewed over 1,200++ types of instant noodles. You can read his review HERE. )

We then being introduced to the main ingredients for making the delicious Mamee Chef Curry Laksa gravy and a quick demo on the steps of making the gravy powder of this curry laksa. Oh my, the fragrant of the curry laksa gravy filled in the room as soon as the paste was cooked and it made me hungry instantly!!

Besides the thick and tasty curry laksa gravy, the other element that made Mamee Chef noodle is special and outstanding compared to other instant noodle is their mee. Did you know that Mamee Chef noodles is using the "La Mian" technique? "La Mian" technique is also known as "Mee Tarik" in Malay, is a handmade noodle that used the stretching and folding method. It is originated from China.

We managed to view the demo of "La Mian" or "Mee Tarik" live by Mamee's La Mian Sifu that came all the way from China.

The end product of "La Mian" or "Mee tarik". Standing together for the photo session was Mamee-Double Decker's founder - Datuk Phang Chin Hin

Prior to this journey, we were separated in 4 groups by Nuffnang and I was in green group (the 2nd group). After the briefing, we proceed to visit the Mamee factory by groups. 

Can you see how excited we were?!
To see how an instant noodles is made by our own eyes was the activity that we've looked forward since morning! :)

The process started with MIXING, where 75 tons of wheat flour were mixed with other ingredients such as oil and water to make the noodles dough daily. Funfacts: Mamee used Caratino based oil for its noodles and it is rich in Vit. E!

The mixing machines

Next, came the Rolling, Slitting, Cutting, Frying, Cooling and Packing process. In the ROLLING process, the dough will be rolled as thin as 0.8mm thickness. SLITTING process is where the process of imitating the "La Mian" technique took place. For this purpose, Mamee-Double Decker has invested RM80 Million on the machinery itself. 

The dough in the Rolling process

After the dough went through the CUTTING process, they went straight to the fryers where the FRYING process took place according to certain temperature between 145c to 165c for 3 minutes before it will be sent off to the cooler for COOLING process. 

After the dough were cut, it was transferred to the next machine for frying :)

Mamee-Double Decker workers sorted out the fried noodles before it went off to the cooler for the next process

The final stage will be the PACKAGING part and it was nice to see how Mamee instant noodles and Mamee Monster snack were packed on my both left and right views. FunFacts: Daily, Mamee-Double Decker produced 2.3 Million of instant noodles perd day and 600 Mamee Monster snack packs per minute!

Mamee Instant Noodle packed and having it's QCs...

and on my back, the Mamee Monster Snack were going through QC before they were packed.

After completed the tour, we had our lunch, catered by Mamee Jonker House. We had their signature dish, which is among Malacca's famous meal - Chicken Rice Ball. It was my first time tasting the meal and I'm lovin' it. Nyums!

Their desserts - the chocolate cake and the green tea cakes were equally good too!

After the lunch, we've been given a goodie bag each from Mamee-Double Decker (thank you!!:) and we took some photos at the photo booth before we went back to our busses and headed to the second location - Mamee Jonker House.

#ootd pose during the Mamee Chef Day! :D

It took us about 20 minutes to arrive at The Malacca Fort. The busses stopped there, and we walked all the way to Mamee Jonker House.

Mamee Jonker House is the yellow building

We were greeted by the Mamee Monster himself along with Mr. Steven, the Manager of Mamee Jonker House upon arriving at the location. According to Steven, this building was restored from a 1896 Dutch building and most of it's designed is maintained. To date, Mamee Jonker House has operated for a bout 9 months now and it is part of Mamee-Double Decker's F&B department.

From left: yours truly, hanida, Mamee Monster, ayu, nadia and azwar

Mamee Jonker House is divided into several sections; in the ground floor you have the Gift shop, the Mamee Museum (which was still under renovation when we arrived) and Mamee's Cafe. So for those who looking for halal Chicken Rice Ball, do come to Mamee Jonker House, ok!! 

The gift shop

The wall displaying the process of Mamee Snack, just the same as the ones we saw in real at the factory!

The cosy Mamee cafe. Love, love, love!

And on the upper level, you have the Monster Kitchen and Noodle Doodles. The Monster Kitchen is a kitchen where kids get the chance to make their very own Mamee noodles! It is open for public with the rate of RM10 per kid (the minimum age is 6 years old) and minimum 6 participants per classes. Each classes will take 90 minutes of duration. It is advisable for you to call and make your reservation ahead because the dough for each classes is prepared 3 hours prior to classes!

Noodle Doodle on the other hand is the place where you get to design your own Mamee Cup and then customized your condiments of your Mamee Cup. And we got to do this activity that afternoon. How nice!

We were soo into it! Hihi :)

After finished designing our cup, we went to the next section where we got to see how our personalized Mamee cup was packed and this was where we got to choose our own condiments and finally being wrapped. We got to bring our own, personalized Mamee Cup (in Curry Laksa flavor) back home too. Weee!

All in, Mamee Chef Day was a fun and exciting day for all of us. Thanks Mamee-Double Decker for having us, and thank you Nuffnang for the invite. I learnt so much from this trip. For those you out there who keen to know about Mamee, Mamee Jonker House and Mamee Chef, kindly go to their Facebook page via

Spotted me?? Heee..

My Mamee fiesta! Hihi

Most importantly, I have upgraded to Mamee Chef! Whattabout you?! Mamee Chef Curry Laksa serious sedap wei!!

Jom Upgrade! ;)



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Eh eh eh , kita nampak kita. :P

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great post! fun day with mamee

Nadine said...


org glamour, of course lah ada! hihi :)

Nadine said...


Thanks babe! yes, it was fun! :)

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Bestnya!! Org dok Melaka pon tak dpt masuk kilang Mamee tu tau. ;)

Suddenly craving for asam laksa too hihi.

Riefatul Fuad said...

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Saya tak tau sejarah mamee double decker secara lanjut. Ape yg saya tau tula saya share dlm post ni. Saya hanya dpt jemputan blogger melawat kilang tu dan kami diberi taklimat ringkas je. Saya rasa utk tujuan tu better you contact pihak mamee double decker sendiri.