Monday, June 16, 2014

Short Getaway - Thistle, Port Dickson (Day1)

Two days after my husband came back for a short break, we went to Port Dickson (PD) for a 2 days 1 night getaway. We stayed at Thistle Hotel at Pantai Teluk Kemang and it was a treat from my husband to us (:

Since we went on a weekdays and did not want Faaz to miss his school, we decided to wait for him to finish off his school session on that Monday before we started our journey. We arrived about 1 1/2 hours after, just nice for checking-in.

It was bright and sunny day despite it was on a rainy season at that time..alhamdulillah :)

We stayed at Superior Garden View King room which consist a king sized bed, a pangkin daybed, and private balcony. Spacious enough for the five of us :) 

My sweethearts lazying around when we arrived :)

Since we did not have our lunch yet, hubby brought us to dine in at Fresh Restaurant which is located at the hotel itself. While we were on our way to the restaurant, we got a glimpse of the large swimming pool and instantly it got Faaz, Faiqa and Falisya all excited! Hihi :)

They insisted to check out the pool so we abide their request :)

Us with the girls, while waiting for our meal to arrive. Believe it or not, it's the only photo of myself throughout the entire vacation. I was too busy taking photos of the kids and my husband that I did not care to pose at all! Rare okeh! hehe..

Our meal: Me and Faaz had their Special Fried Rice, Hubby had Burger Combo (which has erm..the weird presentation we've ever seen for a burger :P), and twinnies had nuggets and mashed potatoes (I forgot the name of the meal)

After stuffing ourselves with the meals, we decided to check out some of the facilities which are child friendly such as this Game Room. Here, they have 4 LCD TVs with Xbox Kinects each for the kids and adults to play interactive games. We spent about half an hour here playing bowling, boxing and tennis. Faaz vs. his daddy and the twins against each other. We were quite surprised that our 2 year old twinnies can easily got the hang of the controller. Terror ok, they strike few times! :D

We finally went back to our room to change to the swimming attire afterwards. The most excited person among all was none other than Falisya. Those who followed my IG knew how badly she wanted to swim. I've posted a short video there of her pretending to swim on the floor while saying that she wanted to swim. Daddy tengok terus kesian... hihi :)

Miss Falisya was sooo ready to swim!

At first, all three of them were swimming inside the children's pool...relaxing and splashing water to each other. It was when Faaz started to play on the slides that the girls started to request for it so we had to let them took turn...I brought them up while hubby waited at the bottom of the slides. It was tiring to go up and down simultaneously but seeing their happy worth! :)

Faaz first attempt... :)

Followed by the sisters... :)

One hour had passed and yet the kids did not show any sign of tiredness, at all! They requested to play at the beach instead so off we went to the beach and built sandcastle...

I remembered, the last time we brought twinnies to the beach was when they were less than a year and at that time, Faiqa was so keen to eat the sand! :P Looking at this snapshot made me realized how fast they have grown, both girls now can play on the sand independently and there's no more "eating the sand" situation.. :D

Sexy boy..hehe

 Hubby's attempt of making a fortress... :)

We went back to our room as soon as the clock struck to 7pm. After freshen up and had our Maghrib prayer, we went out for food. We had our usual seafood treat at our favourite restaurant in PD. Will share with you about it in my next entry..


 My favourite shot on the first day staying at Thistle...
Sunset...father & son...blessed...Alhamdulillah :)



mama tisya said...

sronok la anak2 dpt tdo hotel kn..mandi pool & main pasir...adik i pn baru blk dr thisle PD ni smlm

Nuriesya Nadia said...

Olololo bestnyaaa. Hensem Faaz tu , ngorat boleh tak kak. :P

Nadine said...

Mama Tisya,

Yes, budak2la yg paling seronok. Sejak daddy jauh mmg lama x pegi beach :)

Nadine said...


Hehehe...boleh aja dong! :D
p.s: Faaz berdarah kacukan Pakistan :P