Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Short Getaway - Thistle, Port Dickson (Day2)

It was bright and sunny day in PD, during our second and last day in Thistle. Since the short getaway was meant to spend quality time together between us and our children, we just continued to make the full use of the facilities in the hotel and did the activities our kids would want to :)

The view from our room's balcony. 
Subhanallah, beautiful! :)

As usual, the day started with breakfast. We had buffet breakfast at Fresh Restaurant of Thistle Hotel. They serve quite a variety of food for breakfast, among the nicest breakfast buffet I had so far in hotels I've been to in Malaysia... 

They even had variety of juices to choose for your breakfast!

My English breakfast, the stuffed tomato was good! nyums!

Faiqa chose to have pancake with maple syrup and coco crunch for her breakie. Such a big eater she is, ikut mommy :D

My second round of breakfast...see, told ya, I'm a big eater :P

My favourite dessert in Thistle.
Their bread pudding with custard sauce is to die for! :D

After the breakfast, Faaz requested to go to the Mini Cinema/Movie Room so we went there and sent him in. The room is cozy and filled with various colors of beanie bag for the kids to sit to and a huge projector screen on the wall. It can accommodate up 15 children at one time. The list of movies and the show time for a week is pasted on the door so you can check it out prior. That morning, Faaz watched Yogi Bear movie. Since it was a weekday and still early in the morning, it was him all alone there, enjoying the movie all by himself (twinnies were not keen to stay inside and joined their brother).

yyyuppp! he was still in his PJs... hihi :D

After the movie, the kid requested for another swimming session so all of us changed and went for swimming. Me and husband took turn to take care of the children and swam (although yeah, I was more to "berendam" rather than swim :P)

The FNs were having fun in the pool :)

We checked-out from the hotel at 1pm, and headed back straight to KL. We arrived at USJ 1 1/2 hours later and made a pit stop at one of mall for late lunch before we went back to home sweet home and rested for the rest of the day...

"Daddy, can we come here again someday? Adik love this hotel.." :D


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Adik amazed and want to come back ;)