Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Movie Date - How To Train Your Dragon 2

After visiting the Farm In The City in Seri Kembangan, we went back to Subang Jaya. My kids requested for KFC so I brought them to Subang Parade Mall (SP mall)

Twinnies fell asleep the entire journey from Seri Kembangan to Subang Jaya, I guess they were too tired walking and having fun with the animals :) They woke up as soon as we reached SP mall. After filling our stomach and recharged ourselves, I let the kids played at the KFC playground area for a while. We then proceed to the first floor, to the MPH. We spent quite some time there, shopping for some books for all three of them.

We then proceed to the 3rd floor because the girls requested, "to see toys, mommy". We took the lift this time and we passed through the MBO Cinema as we went to Parkson. Faaz saw the "How To Train Your Dragon 2" poster and it got him all excited. He watched the first movie before and he quite enjoyed it. "Mommy, can we go and watch the movie, please??" he said to me. I actually saw it coming already :)

I asked the girls and they too nodded excitedly although I was not that sure that they can really appreciate the movie or can they sit still for 1 1/2 hours in the cinema (they never been to a movie before!). After a quick paused, I finally agreed. Worst thing worst, I can just give the girls their milk and put them to sleep in the cinema hihi :P

Did you notice how excited Faaz was?! :)

It was when we queued to get the tickets that I realized that they only have 3D show for that movie in another 10 minutes and the normal show will only started in another 1 hour and 20 minutes. Hmm...I wasn't sure that twinnies will enjoy a 3D movie simply because I knew they wouldn't wear those 3D glasses for that long! But I did not have a heart to tell Faaz that we can't watch the movie that day....

So I just proceed with the tickets and paid for the 3D glasses (RM3 each) for all of us. I should just bought two for Faaz and me, twinnies only lasted with those glasses during the first half of the movie! :P Anyway, we got to bring back those glasses after the movie and can reuse it for future 3D movie date at MBO. Perhaps twinnies can wear it in another 1 year time...hopefully :D

All three of them were so excited when I handed them their glasses each. Since the movie will only starts in another 8 minutes time, I brought them to buy some refreshments (they wanted cookies over popcorn, so lucky that MBO sells Chipsmore cookies!) and later sat down at a nearby bench. They requested to put on the glasses so I helped them. It was funny too see them in those glasses, especially the twinnies...they looked like cute nerds! hehehe...

Faaz Naqi enjoyed the movie so much. He was amazed with the 3D effects (it was his first 3D movie experince), and he focused on the movie until it finished. At times you can hear him giggled too but no more the small Faaz Naqi who talked loud during the movies asking this and that...(I kinda miss it! Haha!). I guess he as all grown up now :)

You can watch the trailer here :)
I know boys like Faaz will enjoy this movie too!

Twinnies on the other hand behaved differently. Falisya wanted my shoulder to lean against to since the movie started, until it finished. She was a bit restless on and off too, and the glasses only lasted on her for about 15 minutes I think. Faiqa on the other hand was pretty excited at first, sitting cosily on her own while crossing her leg and munching Chipsmore cookies. It was soooo cute! :) She managed to focus on the movie for about 30 minutes! Not bad..

It was on the 2nd half of the movie that the girls both came to me and wanted to sit on me so I had Faiqa on my left arm rest and Falisya on my right arm rest. Lucky that the cinema was not full at that moment, otherwise the girls might blocked some of the view that evening :P Despite the hassled, we managed to watch the movie until the end. It was a nice animated movie, and it is equally good as the first one. Me and Faaz enjoyed it ;)

Oh by the way, Faaz saw his favourite toy / movie character - The Transformer's poster earlier and requested me to take a snapshot of him in front of the poster. He then told me to MMS the photo to his Daddy, saying that he wanted him to bring us to watch the movie when he comes back for good end of this month. Just nice as the movie will come out to the cinema on 26th June. InsyaAllah, Faaz... :)


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